Madonna Now Promoting Her Skin Care Line in Tokyo


Madonna is a boss when it comes to doing basically anything. She’s a very successful entertainer that’s been around the world more times than she can count. This time, she’s in Tokyo promoting her own skin care line.

madonna promoting MDNA Skin Line
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Madonna Promoting Her Skin Care Line in Tokyo, Japan

Madonna has been touring in Asia lately. She’s now on her “Rebel Heart Tour” and even though she focuses most of her time on music these days, she’s a business woman and finds time for other business ventures such as MNDA Skin.

For those of you that might not know what MNDA Skin is, it’s her own skin care line. Being the great business woman she is, Madonna makes time to meet with people while on tour to continue to promote her other ventures. According to, Madonna recently met with the president of a Japanese beauty company called MTG which makes her skin care line. She met with Tsuyoshi Matushita who’s the current president of the company.

The MDNA skin care line includes a number of products that contain ingredients such as olives from Tuscany, clay, and thermal water. The products are currently sold in Asia and I believe they have about eight products within the MDNA Skin brand as of now. However, they are planning on adding more products as things progress.

The MDNA line actually launched in 2014 in Japan and the brand owners have made an effort to only attack the Asian market. The line certainly looks promising and it should be interesting to see how things progress. For now, the folks here in the United States are just going to have to rely on high-quality skin care products that are available in the states. If I were you, I personally wouldn’t even worry too much if the product never makes it to the United States. There truly are tons of products that I know are effective and that are available locally. You can stick to those and you’ll be fine.

Madonna Now Promoting Her Skin Care Line in Tokyo
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