Luxury Airlines Now Offering Pre-Flight Free Facials


Many people in this world like to take advantage of the perks of flying first class. Those that are really wealthy sometimes like to take things to a whole different level. If you travel internationally at all then you might be aware of the fact that some airlines go all out to treat their customers.

Some provide butler service, showers, private suites, comfy close to sleep in and more. They provide all this while en route high in the sky. Most of these perks come from international airlines and for those flying within the first class or business class cabins. What some luxury airlines are not doing is offering extended services before customers even board the plane. Did I mention that it’s trending big time too?

luxury airlines international spas at airports
Pier First Class Lounge: Cathay Pacific Airways in Hong Kong

Luxury Airlines Open Airport Terminal Spas For The Wealthy

If you travel internationally, don’t be surprised if you end up in an airport terminal that has a full-service spa within the lounge area. No, I’m not talking about that waiting area where the public patiently waiting to board their flight. I’m referring to the exclusive premiere lounges that many airlines have for their upper-class customers.

How are they making this happen? The answer in simple, through strategic partnerships. What you’re probably thinking is that women are all over these services. However, on average more men use the spa services than women. At least that’s what Rebecca Creer of Virgin Atlantic’s Spas and Salons recently reported to the National Post.

Want to know exactly what some airlines are doing to pamper their best customers these days? Here’s a rundown of some of the perks that the super wealthy world traveler gets to indulge….

I’ll start with Cathay Pacific Airways in Hong Kong. The airline has partnered with a men’s grooming line called Gentlemen’s Tonic. With the airport recently renovated, they’ve since added a number of services such as the Traveller Facial. It’s a line of services using the Gentlemen’s Tonic products and it’s supposed to protect your skin from getting dry during your flight. I’m guessing this isn’t just a basic beard oil line. but I could be wrong. I don’t know much about them to be honest.

If you’re interested in this service, you’ll need to have a first class ticket on a Cathay Pacific Airways flight or another Oneworld carrier. Another way to get the benefits of this is to have Oneworld Emerald status and a boarding pass on a Oneworld airline. Give yourself a solid 30 minutes to enjoy this luxury treatment at the airport.

Now, if you’re traveling on Air France, KLM, or any SkyTeam partner and you can enjoy the Air France Salon at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. They currently have three locations within the airport. The salons are located inside Terminal 2 in Halls K, L, and M. Clarins, an international skin care brand offers massages and facials in the salons within the airport. They have a couple of different facials available depending on your traveling needs. They offer what’s called an Energizer facial which helps you look more alive and a Jet Lag Moisture Reviver facial which is said to be great if you’re planning on spending the evening or entire night in the air.

In order to take advantage of the perks at Paris Charles de Gaulle, you’ll need to have a valid airline ticket showing your business class status.

If you ever get the chance to indulge on some of these finer things in life while traveling, then I suggest you take full advantage of doing so. After all, there are plenty of people in this world that wish they could and they certainly would if so! Safe travels my friends!

Luxury Airlines Now Offering Pre-Flight Free Facials
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