Luella And June’s Bradley Agather Means Reveals Her Skin Care Tips


Typically when a fashion blogger has anything to say about skin care, we listen. That holds especially true when it’s the individual running the Luella and June website. Reason being, they know this stuff just as much as we do. Oftentimes, we are able to get some really creative tips out of them as well. Today we’ve got famous fashion blogger Bradley Agather Means and her personal tips for improving your skin.

Whether you’re looking for some at-home tips to make your skin look better or if you want to try out some new products, then I suggest you hear what she had to share about this stuff.

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Luella And June Owner Bradley Agather Means Reveals Her Secret Skin Care Tips

Here are some of the tips that we were able to gather based on a recent publication featuring Bradley Agather Means. She had a few things to say about products, places to go for treatment and local spots to hit if you’re living in the Dallas, TX area.

For starters, B.A.M. mentioned that she likes tiny bottles. What I mean by that is a do-it-all serum. It seems that she typically turns to a non-comedogenic serum made by Vintner’s Daughter. The specific serum is called Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum and it can be purchased here. It’s supposed to help reduce skin discoloration, wrinkles, and even out your complexion. By the sounds of it, she’s treating this like liquid gold. On that note, we have to tell you where you can get it! If you’re in Dallas, then swing by Joanna Czech on Victory Park Lane, they carry it there!

Next on the list was an oil-based makeup remover. I guess she’s a huge fan of Tatcha’s Camellia Cleansing Oil and she applies it then rinses with warm water. Doing so helps her remove everything from blush to waterproof mascara. I should mention that this product is free from parabens and 100% organic. Do a quick search online for the product, it’s easy to find.

Another product that B.A.M. referred to as a “game changer” was Biologique Recherche Lotion P50. Apparently, many think that this is a lotion but it’s much more than that. It’s actually what’s known as an exfoliating toner. It contains two ingredients that we love known as lactic and salicylic acid. If you’re going to use this, it’s recommended to do so after cleansing your skin. Pick this up online by clicking here to visit the website.

Last but not least, it turns out that Bradley Agather Means is a strong advocate for dermatologist visits. The office that she frequents provides a number of different treatments which are pretty standard. In addition to that, the also offer photo facials, Botox, and chemical peels. All treatments that we’ve written about here on

If you’re looking to take some action and improve your skin for the better, then might I suggest trying out one of the products or treatments suggested above. After all, if they work for a famous fashion blogger, chances are they will work for you as well. If you’re interested in getting in touch with B.A.M. then feel free to visit her personal website here.

If you know of any other fashion bloggers or beauty bloggers that we can connect with, then I’d love to connect with them. Please do pass them along to us!

Luella And June’s Bradley Agather Means Reveals Her Skin Care Tips
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