Lucy Mecklenburgh Shares Vital Skin And Health Tips To Act On Today


You know, we follow just about every actor and actress on the planet, especially when it comes to skin care and beauty. Things often sneak past us but far and few if you know what I mean. We recently got wind of some news related to a British actress named Lucy Mecklenburgh. She’s a star in the UK that played herself on a TV series called The Only Way Is Essex. She’s always sharing amazingly positive tweets, social media messages, and even tips when it comes to keeping her skin and body in great shape.

You know we had to get our hands on that information that Lucy shared. She covered her skin care routine and the products that she uses. Here’s what we learned!

Lucy Mecklenburgh

Lucy Mecklenburgh’s Skin Routine And Product Advice

Did you know that Lucy Mecklenburgh is really into staying fit and healthy? All it takes is a quick glance at her Instagram and Twitter accounts to learn just how much of a die-hard she truly is. She can be found posting on the regular about exercising and eating. Her fans love hearing from her and rightfully so.

Now she’s sharing tips about what helps keep her skin looking great. Here’s what she had to share with recently. We’ve highlighted all the important things that she had to share and then some.

The first thing to share and we agree 100% with Lucy on this is that you must read the labels. She stated, “Be aware and read the back of the products that you’re putting on your skin,” and we couldn’t agree more. Seriously, it’s something that we’ve pressed on for a number of years. To take things a step further she likes to take the most natural and unprocessed approach whenever possible, that holds for skin care products as well.

She also claims that you don’t need to spend a fortune to look beautiful. For example, no need to buy gold skin care products. She’s one of the few celebs out there that doesn’t push and promote people to buy uber expensive products. Be aware and read the back of the products that you’re putting on your skin, Lucy Mecklenburgh does just that.

Another thing that Lucy Mecklenburgh believes in doing is removing makeup. People forget to remove their makeup and she does so as soon as she gets home. I believe that this is a great habit to form and if you can get into the routine of removing makeup as quickly as possible, then do so.

Those are the main takeaways that Lucy Mecklenburgh had to share with She’s actually working with a skin care company called Botanics. This company is one that’s natural and affordable. Based on my research, it seems like you can pick this brand up just about anywhere too. Walgreens, Target, Amazon, you name it.

Another thing she had to share was that when she does find something that works, she sticks with it and she avoids chemicals at all costs.

If you’re looking for advice on how to lose weight, get your skin back in shape, or just become a healthier person all around, then perhaps taking the time to follow Lucy Mecklenburgh on social media is what you should do. I’d also like to suggest that you check out some of the health and diet articles that we’ve written here on You’ll find that with dropped some knowledge bombs in quite a bit of them! Start by reading this first – Diet and Health.

To end things, have a good weekend and be sure to be careful out there today…It’s Friday the 13th!

Lucy Mecklenburgh Shares Vital Skin And Health Tips To Act On Today
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