Lucy Hale Believes In Proper Skin Care


Lucy Hale is best known for starring on the hit TV show called, Pretty Little Liars and now she’s also known for being an advocate of proper skin care.

lucy hale skin care tips

Lucy Hale’s Skin Care Routine

There’s no doubt about it. Lucy is definitely busy and she’s likely got a super fast routine down when it comes to getting ready for the tv screen. However, she’s not one to rush when it comes to her skin. According to, her skin care routine takes some time due to having a sensitive skin.

Lucy Hale mentioned that she’s a, “Big believer in Dr. Lancer’s products.” Dr. Lancer has a few different types of products, those of which consist of an exfoliator, a lotion and a face wash. Lucy also recommends going to bed in clean sheets with clean face. If I had to guess, I’d say that most professional actresses do everything that they can to keep their skin looking perfect.

Like Lucy, many other celebrities understand how important it is to keep their skin in perfect condition. Makeup does wonders but having a perfectly natural complexion and excellent skin is a big plus!

If you want to find out more about Lucy, I’d suggest that you follow her on social media and check out a few more of her movies. She was in Scream 4, Sorority Wars, Fear Island and a few other movies.

Lastly, I should also mention that Lucy is a very talented singer as well. You should check out this video of her!

Lucy Hale Believes In Proper Skin Care
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