L’Oreal And More Showcase Beauty Products of 2018 SXSW


I’ve been to Austin City Limits and I’ve traveled to the city on multiple occasions. In fact, I love everything about Austin, TX. However, one thing I haven’t had time to do is attend the SWSX event that takes place annually in Austin. Well, given all the advancements in skin care and technology this year, it makes sense that they’d be a section dedicated just to this.

Guess what, some major players within the industry are partaking in on the action! I’m talking serious big brands like L’Oreal and Lancome, and SkinCeuticals. Here’s what they had to showcase so far this year!

sxsw beauty products of 2018

SXSW Beauty Brand Reveals of 2018

What’s the one thing that almost every female on this earth struggles with? If you guess obtaining the perfect complexion, then you’re spot on! L’Oreal has known about this issue for quite some time, which is why their research team has been working to develop the best solution possible for all consumers. They’ve created what they call the on-the-spot foundation machine which essentially creates and mixes a foundation formula that’s about as precise as it gets.

The machine is starting to make its way to high-end department stores like Nordstrom and will be available for use throughout the country at selected Nordstrom’s to kick things off. The foundation machine is called, Lancôme’s Le Teint Particulier and it’s pretty cool for sure.

I guess the end goal here is to help customers shop more efficiently, eliminating the frustration that might exist for those constantly struggling to find the right foundation fit.

Fast Company Magazine had a chance to meet with some of the folks who developed Lancôme’s Le Teint Particulier aka LTP and they admitted to analyzing 400 women and their skin tones in order to perfect the product. There are a total of 72,000 foundation color blends that this machine can create and most women have no problem getting a perfect match to their skin.

Another product that turned heads at SXSW was one produced by SkinCeuticals. The company decided to display their Custom D.O.S.E. product which is a machine that has the ability to produce custom blends of the already available SkinCeuticals products. In other words, the brand is able to take what they have, use a machine and algorithm, identify your skin care needs and create a formula that trumps all others, just for you.

How do they do this? Well, it’s actually pretty easy. All you have to do is complete a survey from a device and the survey is able to read the exact skin type that you having and determines what products you need to use for best results.

Now, they aren’t pulling SkinCeutical products off the shelf for users to purchase. No, not at all. Instead, they are simply using data, an algorithm, and a machine to dispense treatment which leaves you with a small bottle of exactly what your skin needs. The plan is to eventually put these in dermatologist offices to help them best prescribe treatments to patients. So far, they tested 250 types of skin and have used 8 ingredients to create close to 50 various product blends at various concentration levels.

Sure, these SXSW beauty products that are so high-tech related aren’t going to be cheap. Then again, no one said that looking your best was free!

L’Oreal And More Showcase Beauty Products of 2018 SXSW
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