L’Oréal Reveals Wearable UV Patch at CES Show


There are a lot of shows taking place in Las Vegas right now. One of the most popular shows is the International CES show, also known as the consumer electronics show. You wouldn’t think that a beauty company would be unveiling something, would you? Well, it turns out L’Oréal has a Technology Incubator and they’re entering the wearable tech market this year in an effort to help you protect your skin.

wearable tech my uv patch
My UV Patch created by L’Oréal displayed at the International CES in Las Vegas

Beauty and Skin Meet Wearable Tech

According to L’Oréal’s global vice president, Guive Balooch, the company has teamed up with an Irish firm named PCH. They’re an engineering firm which manufactures wearables for other companies. The company manufactured a product called Ringly which is a wearable that notifies you if you receive a call or text message.

PCH is also working on a new device which has been named, My UV Patch. This wearable tech patch is basically like a Band-Aid that can be placed virtually anywhere on your skin. You’re probably wondering what the product does, right? Well, it’s supposed to help you better determine how much UV exposure you are being exposed to. Is this a game changer in skin protection? Perhaps, but I’m not sure as of yet.

The product is a blue heart-shaped sticker that actually fades as your UV sun exposure increases. The patch is said to last about five days and it can be worn at the beach, in the shower or gym as well. After day five, you can toss this environmentally friendly wearable into the trash and just slap on another one. It’s said to be completely safe for both you and the environment.

If you’re having trouble deciding where to apply the sticker, according to Mr. Balooch, any exposed part of your skin should do.

Now, as far as tracking is concerned, you can simply download an app on either your iPhone or Android, sync it up to the patch by scanning it and you’re good to go! The best part, the app gives you tips on UV protection as you exposure risk increases.

How many patches do you need to wear? Well, technically you only need to wear one at a time but you can wear as many patches as you’d like on different parts of your body.

Wearable tech has been booming and it’ll be interesting to see what type of disruption occurs when the product comes to market. It’s set to hit stores sometime before the end of 2016. They plan on giving away products from La Roche-Posay when they do launch and there’s a strong chance of the wearable technology being a driver of sales for sunscreen products of all brands.

I personally think many consumers may look at this, wondering, “Why on earth would a company like L’Oréal actually get into the wearable tech space?” That’s simple, they’ve already obtained the trust of their customers and the willingness to confidently use their products on their skin. This is one less obstacle that the beauty giant needs to worry about and quite frankly it may even put them ahead of the game in this wearable space.

If you’re not too excited about the heart shaped patch, you’ll have to wait for the other 10 patch styles to be revealed. One day you’re buying makeup and cleanser at various beauty outlets, and very soon you’ll also be picking up disposable wearable tech products in a further attempt to keep your skin healthy.


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L’Oréal Reveals Wearable UV Patch at CES Show
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