Local Colorado Beauty Product Company Goes From Farm To Skin


It’s no secret that the Paleo and more organic approach to a cleaner, a simpler lifestyle is now all the rage and has been for the last couple of years. The belief that searching your local surroundings and living “off the land” so to speak is something that Cindy Jones of Longmont, CO must agree with as well.

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Cindy Jones is the owner of Colorado Aromatics Cultivated Skin Care. This company based out of Longmont, CO and Cindy have been attempting to influence locals to consume products that are more natural and locally grown. Fresh food was just the beginning and this “farm-to-table” trend is what Cindy’s company is counting on. It seems to me like she’s hoping that the wave continues finally resulting in the “farm-to-face” trend that she’s anxiously anticipated.

During an interview with a local Boulder County media company, Cindy mentioned that “There’s a lot of talk about all these toxic ingredients, but we think too much about what we shouldn’t put on our skin instead of what we should put on our skin.” I have to agree with Cindy here. Unfortunately, in the news and media today, negative topics and stories gain more traction than those that are more positive topic-centric. Yes, it’s unfortunate but the news today is about attracting viewers versus anything else and negative stories attract the readers.

Here’s a little background on Cindy and how she got started. Cindy and her husband Wahl purchased a 10-acre Longmont farm about eight years ago and they since been able to successfully harvest over thirty herbs. These freshly grown herbs are used to make lotions, lip balms and scrubs.

If you think this is a small market, think again. According to an article recently published, fresh farm beauty products are becoming a trend, even if the trend is still considered to be micro. Natural and organic products are about to become even popular, especially with many celebrities backing brands as advocates of these types of products.

To give you an idea of how this market is currently trending, last year the natural and organic personal care business sector jumped 11 percent from 2014, resulting in $696 million.

Why is this becoming a trend? Well, that’s a good question and according to Jessica Rubino, an editor for Bolder’s New Hope media group, “Trends in beauty often follow closely behind food trends.”

With products being created for the popular Paleo consumers as well as the Crossfit culture, there’s no telling where these organic trends may lead us. It’s going to be interesting to find out.

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Local Colorado Beauty Product Company Goes From Farm To Skin
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