Liver Spots

There comes a time in each one of our lives when we start to see our skin changing. Unfortunately, that time comes rather quick for some of us. Liver spots often account for you change, especially or those in their thirties. Some people hear that term and it’s often a huge scare that results. They think the worst and thoughts start running through their heads.

This typically leaves people wondering just how damaging these spots can be and whether or not the liver function has to do with it. Panic sets in and they run over to for answers. Next thing you know, they’ve self-diagnosed themselves with a life-threatening illness with only months to live.

Don’t be that person…

Instead, take some time to read this and educate yourself on the issue before making any drastic decisions.

Liver Spots

What Are Liver Spots And Why Do We Get Them?

Liver spots also known as age spots have another term called solar lentigines. These are literally common spots that form on the skin. More often than not, they are tan, black or even brownish in color.

Most of the time, these spots will appear in areas on your skin that have been preexposed to the sun. You’ll see lots of older individuals with these spots on their faces, chests, backs, hands, and lower arms.

The spots typically form due to being overly exposed to UV light. It’s all from the sun and as you expose your skin to the sun without protecting your skin, the UV light does damage. What happens is melanin begins to form. This is a pigment in your skin that gets created in an attempt to essentially protect your body’s cells from further damage.

Are They Common?

Honestly, I’d have to say that developing liver spots is very common. In fact, it’s common amongst people that are 40 and older. Individuals that have been over-exposed to UV light may develop them at a younger age but for the most part, they are found in younger people.

Are They Dangerous?

Some people have concerns about liver spots being pre-cancer related. Truth be told, they are not pre-cancerous but they may be unsightly for some. Given that they typically develop on visible parts of our skin, it’s common for individuals to become self-conscious of these spots.

Curious what they look like? Well, then just check out the photo that I’ve posted above. Give your own skin a screening by looking for dark black blotches on your skin or round flat brown spots. The size of these spots can vary between a couple centimeters and as small as a few millimeters. Liver spots are typically smooth looking. Some people only have a couple while others have hundreds on their body.

The reason these spots are referred to as liver spots is because they were once thought to have been acquired from the liver function. That’s no longer the case.

Do Genetics Play A Role?

Quite possibly! Genetics can play a role related to your skin. However, developing liver spots is most commonly associated with both genetics and your environment.

Liver Spot Treatment

Most people want to treat liver spots because they look awful. They can’t stand what they look like with the age spots so they want to treat them. The good news is that the spots are harmless and don’t really need to be treated.

If you’ve got these spots on your face then you can always use some lightening techniques, in some cases, it results in removing it completely.

The types of treatments that people can opt for involve chemical peels, liquid nitrogen, laser therapy, topical applications and more.

If you do decide to get treated be prepared to get more than one treatment. You’ll need to commit to this if you want to make this happen.

As far as the treatments and therapy, the success rate is dependent on many things such as side effects, your body, and other issues. The thing that you need to do before hitting the doctor office is that these liver spots are considered to be cosmetic and are typically not covered by insurance.

If you want to really prevent these liver spots from developing, then you need to keep covered and where sunscreen day in and out! I strongly suggest that you take action daily to prevent them from developing.

Natural Ingredient Approach

If you want to rid your body of liver spots in the most natural way possible then pay close attention. I’m going to share a way that I’ve heard works.

You’ll need a few ingredients listed below:

Fresh Lemon Juice
Plain Yogurt
Mesh Strainer

Here’s what you need to do…

Cut the cucumber up and peel the potato, then cut it up into small cubes. Take two tablespoons of lemon juice, one tablespoon of plain yogurt, the potato, cucumber and blend them up as fine as possible. The ingredients should blend into a fine paste. Make sure no lumps exist in it.

Drain the mixture and apply the paste to the affected area. Leave the mixture on your face for 15-20 minutes. Rinse your skin with warm water and use a moisturizer to keep your skin from drying out. Keep repeating the process one time each week until your liver spots fade away. This can take a long time to improve so don’t give up on it.

My personal suggestion is to do whatever you and your dermatologist think is the best move. Ignore the rest of the noise from other people out there.

Last Things To Know!

These liver spots are quite often mistaken for other skin issues or problems. There are times when people often think they have age spots but it turns out the be skin cancer.

The most important thing to know is that you must get regular skin exams monthly. Stay close with your dermatologist and let them know if you’re having any issues.

Liver Spots
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