A List Hollywood Dermatologist Dr. Colbert Shares His Tips


It’s no secret that A List celebrities put a lot of work into looking perfect. What you might not know is that the number of trusted dermatologists is far smaller than the number of A List celebs that make a living from looking fantastic. One of those dermatologists is named Dr. David Colbert and he’s been known to help keep some of the world’s most beautiful actresses looking just that – beautiful.

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Dr. Colbert Shares Skin Care Secrets

According to a recent publication at Daily.co.uk, Dr. David Colbert caters to stars such as Jennifer Lawrence and even the famous Angels of Victoria’s Secret.

Dr. Colbert shared some of his personal skin care tips as well as some information on his especially recommended Triad facial. Dr. Colbert’s Triad facial is a combination of various techniques and the application of specific facial products.

If you’re interested in trying to replicate the facial, you’ll need to incorporate a microdermabrasion, some laser toning, as well as the use of a lavender acid exfoliation.

Oh, but that’s not it.¬†Once you’ve completed all that previously mentioned, you will need to apply the Dr. Colbert’s Illumino Mask ($122) followed by a session of LED light therapy.

The final step of the process is to apply Dr. Colbert’s Illumino Facial Oil ($145). I never said it was an easy or inexpensive task. In fact, it’s so time-consuming and the demand is so high that it’s probably next to impossible for you to get an appointment for any of this treatment. That is unless your Jennifer Lawrence aka J-La. If you’re not an A List celeb, I’d suggest searching the market for products that make you feel and look like a celebrity. There are plenty of great options for you to choose from.

Now as far as tips are concerned, according to an article recently published, Colbert pointed out some major no-no’s when it comes to home skin care. He mentioned that, “Over cleansing and using too many products all the time,” can be bad. Warning us all to try and be consistent with our product use. Dr. Colbert mentioned that¬†“It’s never too late to rejuvenate the skin.” So if you’re over 50 and you are thinking there’s no chance for you, think again!

It’s not all that common for celebrity doctors and dermatologists to share tips with the public. They are well compensated for keeping secret techniques or beauty tips close to them. I’d recommend taking some action here and looking into incorporating some of the techniques or products I’ve mentioned. One of them may make you look and feel fantastic. There’s only one way to find out.

A List Hollywood Dermatologist Dr. Colbert Shares His Tips
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