LisaRaye McCoy Sued Over Defamation of Skin Care Line


When TMZ reports it, we at put our ear to the grind stone to get the full scoop on it. This time, it’s in regards to Lisa McCoy getting sued by Whitenicious founder Dencia. For those of you that might not be familiar with Whitenicious, it’s a luxury skin care line with products that are said to help lighten the skin and reduce dark spots. Is LisaRaye McCoy going to be in a real bad spot over this?

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Whitenicious Owner Sues LisaRaye McCoy

Just to provide some more background on all of this. Dencia, owner of Whitenicious is suing LisaRaye supposedly because she was talking bad about the products and was making false accusations about the line itself. According to TMZ, she went as far to say that the products caused cancer and left dark spots on one’s skin.

lisa raye mccoy whitenicious

LisaRaye, wasted no time to respond and actually went on air with TMZ Live in an attempt to clear things up and smooth over the situation. According to LisaRaye McCoy, she was not in any way shape or form trying to single out the Whitenicious founder. She stated that she was referring to a product called Whitealicious.

That wasn’t a strong enough rebuttal for Dencia and according to what TMZ had published, the products are considered to be rather similar.

The real kicker here is that in some of the documents which were filed, Dencia had mentioned that she spoke to LisaRaye and that LisaRaye knew which products she was talking about. They had spoken about doing business together and the possibility of LisaRaye being a rep for one of her products. Whether or not that went south and had an impact on all of this, I honestly don’t know.

Dencia seems to be most upset about the impact all of this has had on her sales. She’s claiming that all the social media scuttlebutt and attacking has had a serious impact on her overall sales.

Now, I just want to mention that I’m not typically one for drama, especially when it comes to business and even more so when it comes to something that has the potential to go public or viral in a negative way. We at typically report the industry news and do our best to provide you with facts and maybe our opinion, that’s all. We don’t like drama. That is, unless it’s positive drama!

As for the lawsuit, it seems like LisaRaye McCoy and Dencia have some serious talking to do. I’ve never used the product and I can’t say whether or not they work or can cause skin problems. Quite frankly, I have no idea. What I can tell you is that I probably won’t be recommending that anyone use the product or skin care line until the drama is settled, at the very minimum.

LisaRaye McCoy Sued Over Defamation of Skin Care Line
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