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Are you the type that’s willing to spend 3-4 figures a month on skin care product? Then you might want to keep reading this review. I’m here to share some information on a line called the Lionesse skin care line. It’s definitely an interesting line given the price point alone. I’m always intrigued by companies that product costly products. Far more so than those producing cheap dollar store skin care items.

I mean, after all, how good can a skin serums or face cream really be if it costs less than $10? The Lionesse skin care line produces moisturizers, skin care creams, serums, fillers and other types of products. They have products that range from $200 to $4000 depending on the product type.

These products are super expensive and most people cannot afford to buy them. Brands that cost a lot of money like this are definitely more targeted and have a smaller consumer base versus the traditional affordable lines. As a result, they also lack the volume in terms of published reviews written by consumers. That can be bad if you’re the type that only buys products based on reviews. If you’re working with a small budget, then you might as well move on or find another review on to look into purchasing. Having deep pockets is a must if you want to buy products made by Lionesse.

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How Does Lionesse Lionesse White Facelift Filler Work?

Okay, so this is probably the biggest takeaway that you need to keep in mind when looking into the Lionesse skin line. They create products using metals and stones which are categorized as being precious and rare. Incorporating these types of rare ingredients allows them to focus on the glitz and glamour of the product ingredients. They’re considered to be unique ingredients that lead to the development of solutions that may or may not improve your skin. Truthfully, I can’t reveal that right now. Not until I’ve covered the products more in-depth.

Don’t get the wrong impression here though, they also incorporate some basic and common ingredients within their products. Chances are you’ll find ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, glycerin, and others.

Products and Ingredients

Since I’m here to cover the entire brand, I’m going to do my best to shed some light on things with regards to individual ingredients and products as well. I’ll kick things off with one of the most popular skin products that they make, the facelift filler.

White Pearl Facelift Filler

This is by far the most popular product that Lionesse makes to date. The White Pearl Facelift Filler is a serum that’s designed to look and feel like a syringe but it’s very invasive in comparison to the real thing. The product is a wrinkle reducing gel-like serum that is applied via a syringe applicator without and needle use of any kind.

The main ingredient used in creating this product line is hyaluronic acid. They also incorporate the use of vitamin E, avocado oil, and others that help moisturize consumers skin. The objective is clear as crystal. Apply the facelift filler and watch your wrinkles disappear.

However, the problem that I personally have with this product is two-fold. The first issue I have is that if you head on over to the official company website, you’ll notice that they do not offer the product for the same price as they do on The website sells it for $995 yet it’s available on for $104.95. That’s an incredibly deep discount if I’ve ever seen one.

lionesse product reviewsAnother thing that you need to watch out for is the average consumer rating. You’ll notice that the product is rated 2.7 out of 5.0 on That’s pretty horrible, to say the least. I would not recommend trying it based on that alone.

You can read some of the most recent customer reviews and you’ll quickly learn that the product seems to be disappointing people left and right.

lionesse review

Collagen Facial Purifier

This product sells for $200 and is considered to be one of the more affordable products within the line. I have a problem with buying this though due to the lack of disclosure from the company. They do not share the exact ingredients in the product. Sure, they give you a rundown of some ingredients, naming vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin E but that’s about it. Don’t buy it just yet though. It might not be worth it.

Amber Eye Serum

Apparently, if you’ve done your own research on the Lionesse brand, then you’d know that they claim to have created the brand to cater to those with sensitive skin. Specifically, the skin around the eye region. The main ingredient in this product is amber powder. You’ll also find vitamin C, aloe vera, sodium hyaluronate, and others. The cost is a cool $400, so bring your wallet and be prepared to max your card out.

Where To Buy It

There are two options that you have if you’re interested in buying Lionesse skin care products. The distribution happens via the company website or Amazon. That’s about it. Most people buy off the website, but I’ll tell you right now, the price you pay is insane. You may find the products deeply discounted on eBay and other sites. Should you find them on those sites, I’m going to suggest you avoid them at all costs.

Third Party Reviews

Based on everything that I know about this company and what they do, I’m suggesting that you completely avoid them. The reviews are downright horrible and the worst that I’ve read in years. Perhaps it’s the high cost that pisses people off so much. Either that or it’s just the fact that the products simply don’t work like they should.

The company is actually quite lucky that they’re selling products at such a high price. The reason I say that is that most people who buy super expensive skin care products do not head on over to Amazon to write a detailed review about the products. That’s about the only thing that this company has going for itself, seriously.


If you are looking to buy products to improve your skin and you’re willing to spend some money doing it, please don’t waste your money on this crap. It’s a complete scam as far as I’m concerned and one that you need to avoid at all costs.

Lionesse White Facelift Filler
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  1. I was approached in a mall in Columbus Ohio
    A very nice young man. I bought the product face filler for $198.00. It lasts a long time and works really well for me.