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Not all skin care brands produce products that everyone can afford. Some brands cater to a higher clientele than others. They do so by charging a much higher price for their products than what the market typically supplies for. That is where Lionesse Skin Care comes into play.

If you’re looking to find a way to spend $4,000 a month on skin care products then you might want to try this out. The brand creates a ton of different types of products. For example, they’re currently offering face creams, eye serums, moisturizer products, body cream, salt scrubs and so much more.

lionesse skin care

More About Lionesse Skin Care

Since the products are priced so highly, you’re going to have a very hard time trying to to find consumers that have used these products. They have a much smaller customer base which makes it very difficult to even make a decision to buy the products. If you’re not in the financial position to spend money using these expensive products, then you need to head to your dermatologist office pronto! Choosing a product that doesn’t fix your issue can be an expensive mistake. You definitely do not want to make that mistake so be careful!

How It Works

Basically, the Lionesse Skin Care company prides itself on utilizing the best metals and precious stones within their products. They’re a special kind of skin care company that incorporates said precious ingredients that most companies completely avoid.

Don’t let this through you for a loop though. They also use plenty of the more popular and common skin ingredients that other companies are using. I’m going to cover some of the ingredients below as best as possible.

The Ingredients

In order to have a better understanding of what the Lionesse skin care products are all about, then diving into the ingredients is the best approach.

Let me start off by covering some of the products and you’ll have a greater understanding of the ingredients as a result.

Collagen Facial Purifier – This product costs about $200 for only a small 1.7-ounce container of the product. I’ve chosen to cover this product first because it’s literally the most inexpensive product that they offer. Unfortunately, they don’t share all the ingredients that are used to make this product. However, what I can tell you is that they use vitamin C, vitamin A, collagen particles, and a few more.

Facelift Serum – This product costs a cool $500 and it contains DMAE, vitamin A, as well as sodium hyaluronate. The serum is meant to help make your face look nice and youthful.

Amber Eye Serum – This product is one that was created to help improve the skin located close and around your eyes. The most exotic ingredient with regards to this product is amber powder. You’ll also find that this contains vitamin C, propylene glycol, aloe vera, and a few more. You’ll have to pay $400 for this one if you want to try it out.

Where To Buy Them

If you’re interested in purchasing these products, then you’re going to have to look to the company website to do so. There is very limited distribution when it comes to these products.

Sure, you might be able to find a product or two on some e-commerce sites such as eBay and Amazon, but that’s not going to be a smart move on your behalf. I strongly suggest avoiding those places and just buying it directly from the manufacturer, if anything.

Third Party Reviews

Since the products are so costly, you’re going to have a very difficult time finding reviews on the Internet about the products. There are a very small number of consumers that actually afford and purchase these products. That’s not to say they don’t work. I’m simply saying that many of them will not want to spend time writing a review if it’s already costing them thousands of dollars.

Now, the flip side of that is quite simple. You’ll find that some people will gladly share their hatred towards any product if they’ve paid a lot and it doesn’t deliver the results wanted.

The main takeaway that you need to remember here is that the company and its products are in the upper tier or luxury market. Those within that market are not going to take the time to find an everyday fix. Many of the same people rather opt for surgical treatment or professional care in a dermatologist office versus doing it at home.

Go with your gut instinct here but be sure to read the reviews online before doing anything!

One Last Thing…

One final thing that I want to cover is how important it is to spend time discussing things with your physician or dermatologist first and foremost. Sometimes, taking the expensive approach isn’t the right move. What I mean by that is you can often find a very cheap alternative or just making simple changes that can really change things for the better. next thing you know, your skin improves and you’ve just saved $4,000 a month on a product!

Lionesse Skin Care
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  1. I purchased your product from a store in Lahaina Maui. The girl that I spoke with told me that it was my lucky day. She introduced me to Lina Martin who apparently has been on Oprah, The Doctors, and Dr. Oz and her clients are all high profile actresses. I was told that she was a dermatologist. I would like to know if this is actually true. My biggest concern is that the directions she gave me for the black onyx collection, the white pearl collection and the golden sapphire mask are not the same as your websites directions. Thank you

    • Hi Jacquie,

      Hopefully that brand comes by and adds a comment so we can find out. We obviously don’t own Lionesse skin care or we’d help you out.

  2. I purchased my products from a Home show here in Ottawa Canada. The girl assured me these products were hypo-allergenic and are using only pure ingredients. My husband and I are seniors and we sport a few wrinkles here and there. I like to call these character lines. The girl put cream taken from a syringe below our eyes and then fanned our faces. We felt tightening in the eye area and when it dried, I was surprised to see his lines all faded away. The girl also put the daily moisturizer on my face and I fell in love with it. As a birthday gift, my wonderful husband bought me $800 worth of products. I have been using these faithfully and I must say, they are exquisite in nature. However, when I found out the price for the moisturizer alone ($200), I was shocked! While I love this product, I simply cannot afford continued use. Maybe if this company would lower their price, they would sell more!

    • Hi Helene,

      Thanks for the comment and feedback. Btw, laughed at “Character Lines.” That’s a great way to say it!

      Let’s hope the prices come down!

  3. the persons who run the kiosk at west edmonton mall bullied a disabled woman into buying $1500.00 worth of products that she will never use beware

  4. Has anyone been able to drill down on whether Lioness is cruelty free? . The sales rep at the kioske was able to show me a previously packages product with the blue bunny on it but I’ve been unable to confirm it.