Lily James Cares About Her Skin And Does This These Days…


Lily James has nice looking skin today. Her clear complexion hasn’t always existed. Having dealt with extremely painful acne for many years, she’s now very grateful to have healthy skin. Lily is a British actress that most widely known for her role in a Disney film titled Cinderella (2015).

lily james skin care routine
Lily James @ Lorraine TV Photoshoot

Prior to becoming a famous actress, Lily was in a constant battle with her skin. In fact, her skin condition was so extreme that she sought out professional guidance. That led to her being put on a acne treatment program.

Lily James had terrible skin during her adolescent years. Her skin was in such bad condition that she needed to take Roaccutane. For those unfamiliar with this product. It’s a prescription that contains isotretinoin as the active ingredient. This medicine is just as expensive as accutane and at times can even cost more. When she spoke with InStyle magazine, she mentioned that her condition really caused issues with her confidence level as well. Lily James said, “It really affects your confidence. I’ve been on quite a journey with it, which is why I take such good care of my skin now.”

The now 27-year-old has come along way and now has perfect looking skin. Her complexion today is all thanks to her strict care. A few things that Lily James does to keep her skin looking beautiful are things that you can do as well. She uses a high-quality cleanser and toner. A couple of the brands that she religiously uses are Elemis skin care range and Kate Somerville products.

One other thing that she does on a daily basis is wear sunscreen. She won’t leave her house without applying sunscreen and I must commend her on this. I’ve been preaching this behavior for a long time and even other celebs, such as Hugh Jackman believe in it. Sunscreen works to keep your skin young looking and cancer free. The proof is in the pudding. If you want to use one of her products, pick up Clinique City Block, an SPF 40 face protector.

While Lily James has much better looking skin today then she did in her younger years, she spends lots of time applying makeup before leaving the house. She likely does so in fear of having TMZ or some other paparazzi snap a picture of her at her worst. She gets up early to prepare her skin before going out in public.

Despite all the problems that she has had in the past, Lily keeps her routine as simple as possible. That means short hair, no dying and simple product usage on a daily basis.

We wish Lily the best of luck and hope that her career and skin continue to shine!

Lily James Cares About Her Skin And Does This These Days…
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