Are Lemons Your Face’s New Best Friend?


Lemons and lemon juice is good for you. They are great for your metabolism, removing toxins and now they may be considered to be your best friend when it comes to helping keep your face clear.

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Lemons Are Great For Your Acne

Applying lemon on your skin can do wonders for it. Here are a few ways that you can incorporate lemons into your daily skin care routine in hopes of achieving healthier looking skin. Lemon is said to do an exceptional job at getting rid of acne and using it reduces the chances of obtaining and scars on your face.

According to Dr Aakriti Mehra, dermatologist at Enhance Clinics, the follow applications may be applied to further assist in fight off that acne.

Basic Lemon Juice
If you want to go straight for the most potent approach, I’d say your best bet is to start using with a simple lemon juice application. Here’s how to do it. Take a small bowl and fill it with freshly squuezed lemon juice. Take a small piece of cotton and soak it in the lemon juice. Using the cotton swab, you’re going to want to apply the lemon juice to your skin and leave it on their for about 10 – 12 minutes. Leave it on your face until the juice completely dries. Once dry, gently rinse your face with cold water and pat your face dry. Do this once each day until your acne clears up.

Lemon and Chickpeas
For this procedure, you’re going to need some chickpea powder and lemon juice. All you need to do is mixt the two ingredients together until it becomes a paste like substance. Once it’s a smooth paste, you’re going to want to apply the paste to your face, taking care to apply it to the areas affected by acne. Leave the paste on your face for just a few minutes. Rinse with warm water and proceed to pat your skin with a clean towel. In the event that you’re face has become extremely dry from this procedure, I’d suggest that you apply whatever daily moisturizer you’re currently using. Below you’ll find a video which shows someone making this mask. They decided to include one additional ingredient but you’ll get the idea.

Lemon and Honey
Another popular skin remedy that a lot of people are using today is one the consists simply of lemon and honey. This homemade skin mask is simple to create. All you need to do it take freshly squeezed lemon juice and a couple of tablespoons of honey. Mix the ingredients in a bowl and apply the mixture to your face using your finger tips. It’s best to leave it on your face for roughly five minutes. Simply rinse with water, pat your face dry and you’re on your way to healthier, acne free skin!

Well, that’s just a few of the many things that you can do with lemons when it comes to treating your acne. I’d suggest giving either this or one of the many DIY skin treatments that we’ve shared here on the site a shot. It’s a pretty low cost solution if you ask me and it’s definitely worth trying out.

Are Lemons Your Face’s New Best Friend?
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