Lemon Benefits That’ll Shock You To The Core!


When life gives us lemons, we can do a lot more than just make lemonade! Put the sugar back in the pantry and listen up. I’m a huge fan of lemons for so many reasons that you’re about to learn about. Aside from the fact that they contain an abundance of vitamin C, they are also known for having many other positive traits.

Scientists have spent years researching the fruit and they’ve learned a thing or two about what it can do for you as a whole on a daily basis. While this is a skin care site, I’ll also be covering some semi-related benefits aside from the typical skin and beauty tip angles which I commonly cover.

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Many Lemon Benefits And Why You Need Them

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t at least kick things off with the skin benefits that lemon gives off. I’ll start with the blemishes and move onto others. If you’re battling blemishes from time to time, then lemon juice might help you out when you’re in a jam.

From what I can recall based on personal experience alone, lemon juice has a significant impact on blemishes that pop up at times. The color of the blemishes will start to fade if you apply lemon on them. Simple squeeze some fresh lemon juice on the blemishes and leave it on for about ten minutes. After a few treatments, you will begin to notice that your skin will return to its normal color.

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Now, if you’re really daring, you might want to give the old lemon and honey mask a shot. It’s a simple mask that literally requires a few ingredients and just a couple of minutes of your time. All you need is a mixing bowl, some honey and lemon juice. Mix the ingredients together in a bowl, apply the mask to your skin and let it sit for about 20 minutes or so.

Once done, rinse with water and you’re good to go. Now what you can expect from this mask is shinier skin that’s much smoothing and healthier looking. Additionally, you’ll notice that it kind of glows a bit more as well.

If you’ve got weak or brittle nails, then you might benefit from incorporating the use of lemon juice into your routine. Dipping your fingers into lemon juice can really help strengthen your nails. Overtime, you will notice that the colors of your nails will begin to appear healthier and that will likely boost your confidence as well. No more ugly nails!

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There are lemon benefits when it comes to sore throats! We all get sore throats and when that happens, you might want to think about using some lemon to clear that up. Gargling with some lemon juice or even incorporating it into a cup of tea can help cure things. It’s the antibacterial properties that really help resolve the issue and fight off a sore throat that you might have.

If whiter teether is your objective, then you’ve found a viable solution right here. Many people use lemon juice instead of buying teeth whitening toothpaste. They simply apply a small amount of baking soda and lemon juice to a cotton swab and apply it to their teeth. This helps them brighten their smile but please be careful not to apply the mixture too long as it can do serious damage. Keep it on your teeth for no longer than a minute and rinse thoroughly.

If you have any other benefits that you know of incorporating this wonderful fruit into your daily routine I’d love to hear them. I do incorporate it into my ABC diet plan, but there are many other reasons that you should do so as well (aside from those already mentioned above).

Lemon Benefits That’ll Shock You To The Core!
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