Legendary Beard Company Gaining Market Share Via The Internet


Nate Lind is the CEO of Legendary Beard Company which is an affiliate of Holo River, LLC. The company has been gaining lots of market share these days and it’s all due to the exposure they are getting online. Facebook and Google have helped Nate Lind sell his products.

It didn’t take long for us to learn more about Nate and his specific processes. After all, he must have something he’s doing that allows him to gain traction faster than his competitive. There are a couple of things that he does which may play a role.

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Legendary Beard Co. Process Might Be The Key To Success

Nate Lind recently met with a local newspaper rrobserver.com and he shared lots of information with them. Everything from formulas, business and even how he got started. I bet you would have never guessed that he started out creating products for women. We tried to find out as much about Nate and his company as we could to share it all with you.

Apparently, Nate Lind’s company handles all the formulation inhouse with a great scientist living in the local area. According to the article, the scientist is one of the first in America to develop an ozination process for oils.

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The Beard Oil

You’re probably wondering why on earth this matters. Well, in short, the ozination process is important because it extends the shelf life of products.

What people probably don’t realize is that if they’re using older beard oils that have been sitting around for quite some time, they may actually be rancid. I know it sounds funny given that it’s just oil but no one wants to deal with any of them nonsense.

Good news is that apparently Legendary Beard Company has perfected this process to make their oils last longer than others. While I’ve not personally been able to test this out, I certainly plan on reaching out to the company to do so.

In 2014, the company ended up moving to the Rio Rancho area due to having space issues. The company outgrew the original space so the moved. Even better news, their consumers are everywhere and the location isn’t such a huge deal. After all, they’re an Internet-based company that’s taking over the industry, one beard at a time. According to a recent interview with Nate Lind, he stated, “We sell products using Facebook, Google and display advertising just through other websites — and that’s been our forte from start to finish.”

Nate Lind is passionate about the Internet, building websites, creating videos, and more. He’s been able to turn his passion into profits and we couldn’t be happier for him!

If you are looking for a biotin beard growing enhancer, beard oil or beard supplements in general, then I suggest you check out the company website. You can find more information on Nate, his company, and the products right here.

For those out there fulfilling their dreams of running their own skin care company, we want to hear from you! Please connect with us today!

Legendary Beard Company Gaining Market Share Via The Internet
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