Lea Michele Shares Skin Care Tips With WWD


Not sure who Lea Michele is? Well, she’s a well known actress and singer. She’s 29 years old and she’s got great skin. The good news for you is that she’s finally sharing her skin care secrets with the world. That’s right, and I’ve got all the news to share with you.

Lea Michele Shares Skin Secrets
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Lea Michele Joins Burt’s Bees and Shares Skin Secrets

I should also mention that Lea Michele has also teamed up with Burt’s Bees in an attept to fight the declining bee population in the world today.

According to an article recently published on WWD.com, Lea Michele was shocked when she became aware of the facts and impact that the bee population is having to deal. A campaign was launched today in an attempt to donate 1,000 wildflower seeds for each and every purchase of Burt’s Bees lip balms in specific limited edition scents.

During her interview, she also shared some of her personal skin care regimen secrets as well. According to the article, Lea Michele likes to keep things as simple as possible. She also prefers to keep her regimen wholesome and clean. That said, I wasn’t shocked to learn that she lives a very healthy lifestyle. Lea Michele said, “I enjoy all the amazing things California has to offer: food, produce, scenery, the beach. It helps me feel better and do my job better.” I imagine living in California gives her the luxury of all these wonderful things and it’s likely inspiring enough for her to want to live a healthy lifestyle.

Lea said that her great looking skin has very much to do with what she does during her downtime, off the screen. For starters, Lea doesn’t wear any makeup when she doesn’t have to and when she’s out but off screen, she certainly doesn’t cake on makeup.

Lea Michele said that she drinks a ton of water and always does her best to get a good night’s rest. She goes about treating her skin as if it’s very delicate and she never goes to bed without washing her face. Lastly, Lea Michele believes in being consistent with regards to product use.

Now a few things should stick out here for those that didn’t digest the entire article. Consistency and overall healthy living is key here. It’s a matter of putting a simple, clean process in place and you should have wonderful looking skin in no time flat!

Lea Michele Shares Skin Care Tips With WWD
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