Lazy Person’s Simple Skin Care Routine (Five Minutes Or Less)


This may come as a shocker to some but lots of people out there have never bothered to adopt any type of proper skin care routine. I know, it’s shocking but it’s true! Sure, these people have purchased the occasional zit cream at the grocery store or perhaps a moisturizing lotion, maybe even a toner but that’s about it. Then there are the people that don’t even bother purchasing them. They only bother applying products when they are 100% free.

Lazy Person's Skin Care Routine

I’m going to do something that your parents likely did years ago. I’m going to tell you to stop being lazy! If you’re just the type that doesn’t want to put too much effort into anything even being healthy, looking good and feeling good, then you’re in luck because I’m here to help!

I’m going to share a simple routine with you that even the laziest person on earth can’t pass up. I mean seriously, if you’re too lazy to wash your face and practice basic hygiene then I’m sorry, really.

Here’s a routine that won’t take you more than a few minutes each day and it’s going to make a world of a difference on your skin complexion. Keep in mind that this routine is for females wearing makeup, although men can follow it as well should they choose to do so. No harm in a little bit of extra effort I guess.

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Simple Skin Care Routine For The Typical Lazy Person

The first thing you want to do is start with some cleansing action. This is almost effortless. Find a balm that’s meant to help remove makeup or dirt, so start there. That should take you roughly a minute or so max.

The next step is to apply a cream to help remove the remaining grime and dirt still hanging around. Use a face cloth to help remove the dirt and grime. That part should take a minute or so as well.

Next, on the list is applying either a glycolic acid or a hyaluronic acid. Sure both of these do different things but choose which you need most and stick with one. If you’re in need of collagen production and growth then go with the glycolic acid. If moisture is your issue, then stick with the hyaluronic acid. Using either product should take no more than 30 seconds max.

Last but not least, if it’s the first thing in the morning, then you’ll want to apply some sunscreen containing SPF 30+ or simply use a moisturizer that contains SPF. You’ll want to protect your skin from all the UV rays that can seriously damage your skin.

Actually, I want to add one more thing to the routine. I want you to drink water all day long. Assuming you’re neglecting your body and not properly hydrating then you’re going to look old regardless of how diligent your skin routine may be.

I’ve been able to get the laziest people I know to adopt this routine. If you can’t spare five minutes to look and feel better every day then you’re only cheating yourself. Continue to grow old and having wrinkled skin while everyone stays young looking!

Lazy Person’s Simple Skin Care Routine (Five Minutes Or Less)
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