Laundry Detergent Just Might Save Your Skin


Are you still having problems with your skin? You’ve tried every cream and serum in the book and still no relief? Are your clothes continuously making your skin feel itchy, red, and uncomfortable to the point that you cannot concentrate? If so, then it might be your laundry detergent.

I’ve been getting a lot of emails from people mentioning that they’re itchy and uncomfortable to the point that their clothes are making them itch. Quite frankly, when this happens, it can only really mean one of three things. Either you’ve got a genetic condition causing this, the fabric of your clothes don’t agree with you, or you’re using a laundry detergent that’s causing you to break out.

While it can be any of the three and possibly even other things, but the very first thing that I’d do if you’ve already ruled out skin care products is to switch up laundry detergents. There are some that cater to those with skin problems and lucky for you, there are plenty of options out there.

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Best Laundry Detergents To Fix Your Skin Issues

The very best detergents are those which we commonly refer to as free and clear detergents. Dyes, fragrances, and things of that nature are omitted from these types of detergents and for good reasons too. Many of the chemical substances in traditional detergents which supposedly disinfect and deodorize your clothes cause skin issues for many. People often get an allergic reaction when using these detergents.

The only viable solution is to work in a laundry detergent that’s dye-free and perfume-free. Think baby detergent and products that are labeled “free and clear.” I’ve got some products that you can consider should you wish to attempt to clear things up via a solid laundry detergent.

Tide Free & Gentle Laundry Detergent

Yes, these are Tide Pods and no I’m not suggesting you attempt any stupid Tide Pod challenge here. This is one of the best Tide detergents for those looking to remain free and clear of all the bad stuff. If you’ve got sensitive skin, then you’ll love the fact that this is free of perfumes and dyes. Instead of having to deal with a huge bottle of liquid, this is a more convenient way to handle things.

Seventh Generation Natural Liquid Laundry Detergent Free and Clear

The Seventh Generation natural laundry detergent is great for your skin. It’s been named as a safe choice by the EPA and it contains nearly all plant-based ingredients. I believe it contains 96% plant ingredients to be exact. It’s a solid choice and affordable for anyone looking to protect the environment and their skin as well as their wallet.

All Free Clear

The All Free Clear detergent is another option for those looking to avoid dyes and chemicals. You’ve got two options with this one. One is taking the packs route or the liquid route. Both are extremely affordable in my opinion and it’s got one of the best hypoallergenic formulas out there and both options are available for less than $25.

Arm & Hammer Free of Perfumes and Dyes

I’ve used this detergent on numerous occasions. The Arm & Hammer Free for sensitive skin works well. It contains baking soda which can get your clothes clean as a whistle without having to deal with pesky chemicals. It’s going to cost you about $10 bucks for 30+ loads, so well worth the price considering it can essentially save your skin.

Up & Up Free and Clear Liquid Laundry Detergent

If you’re not a name brand snob, then the Target house brand should be sufficient enough. For about $9 you can pick up the Up & Up detergent which will allow you to run 60+ loads of laundry. This is cost savings and skin-saving at its finest.

Nellie’s All-Natural Laundry Soap

I’ve never personally heard of this brand but it seems to be quite popular with consumers. This approach is the old-fashioned tablespoon approach and it’s a powdered formula. Not all that common these days considering consumers want pods of everything. If you need a spot treatment product and you’re itching to get that stain out, then this might be the treatment for you. For about $20 you’ll be able to do roughly 100 loads of laundry.

Planet 2x HE Ultra Laundry Liquid Detergent

The last suggestion I have for you is the Planet 2X HE detergent. This is for people with new efficiency machines. It’s a great product that can cut right through stains and get your clothes clean without destroying your skin. The product will not break your new fancy washing machine and it’s affordable at $16 for 32 loads of laundry. Most people that use this love it.

Does it matter which you choose to use? Not at all. In fact, it doesn’t matter one bit. The important thing is that you choose to eliminate detergents which destroy your skin and cause allergic reactions. Choose any of those listed below and you’ll be just fine, I know it. Need more help finding a detergent? Reach out to us, you’ll find contact information here.

Laundry Detergent Just Might Save Your Skin
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