Large Pores

Do you have large pores? They can occur almost anywhere on your body. It’s not uncommon for lots of people to have large pores on their nose or cheeks. Those that do have this problem often have trouble achieving a flawless looking face. There are plenty of things that can be done should you wish to shrink your pores. However, it’s not a good idea to try and resolve any skin issue without understanding what causes the issues.

Knowing the cause might be the most important factor in shrinking large pores. If you do not know why they exist then you’re basically throwing darts at a board blindfolded. Let’s start with the different reasons why large pores may develop on your skin.

For starters, the presence can be genetically related. It can also be product related, and even regimen related. Whatever the cause may be, I’m confident that there is a treatment that exists for your specific issue.

Large Pores On Your FaceDoes Skin Type Have Anything To Do With Large Pores?

Absolutely. If you have very oily skin, then there’s a chance that you have larger than normal pores. The reason this occurs is quite simple. People with oily skin have oily skin due to the excess amount of sebum on their skin. The sebum begins to get trapped within the pores. Oil on the surface of your skin then blocks the pores and all that nasty dirt as well as dead cells begin to collect in the pore. As a result, your pores begin to expand and appear large or at least larger than they previously looked.

If your skin is extra dry or fair in complexion, you’re likely prone to getting irritated skin. Guess what happens to irritated skin? Pores open up, getting larger and larger. If you are the type of person that likes to spend time outdoors or in direct sunlight, your pores may look large as well. Sun, wind, cold and other natural conditions can have an impact on your skin and the size of your pores. If you have large pores, the elements mentioned can make them much larger.

Age Is A Factor

As with any aspect of skin and beauty, age plays a prominent role. With regards to larger pores, the same rules apply. As we get older, our skin begins to slow down the collagen production process. Once firm skin becomes saggy and lose. The skin stretches and when that happens, the so can the pores. Stretched out skin can make your pores appear larger than usual.

There is also thought that aged individuals have been exposed to more harmful UV rays and sun. This exposure alone causes damage but then it can certainly have an impact on your pore size. A common suggestion is that older individuals use moisturizer to help reduce large pores from appearing on the skin. While it may not make them disappear completely, it might reduce the size in appearance.

Do Genetics And Gender Play A Role?

You better believe they do! Allow me to point out the obvious. Gentlemen, don’t get upset but, men typically have larger pores than women. However, women tend to have more oily skin. Hormone levels can also play a factor in pore size. Those going through a pregnancy or even menopause may not that their pore size increases. It’s not uncommon for pregnant women to begin to develop large pores on their face while pregnant.

Given that hormone levels frequently change for women, it’s not uncommon for the pore size to change as well. However, one a woman reaches a certain age and they begin to go through life changing experiences such as menopause, they may have more difficulty reducing the size of their pores.

As for genetics, our genes predispose our bodies to certain conditions and ailments. That’s just the way it goes I guess. That said, if your parents have large pore issues, then you may have the same issue. I’ll be completely honest with you, having large pores on your face is likely not harmful. However, it can have a negative impact on your skin.

What Do Large Pores Mean For Your Skin?

Large pores can do a few things to your skin. The stretching can seriously impact both the texture and the overall surface of your skin. If you like your skin to appear extra bumpy then you’re in luck! Just kidding of course. I know you don’t want that. Large pores on your nose and cheeks can actually make your skin appear as if it’s rough like sand paper even.

Guess what, in extreme weather conditions, it can get much worse. Another downside of having large pores is that it can lead to more acne. This is directly related to the oil build up which causes the acne to form in the first place.

If you do have oily skin and you wish to avoid getting large pores all together, then I strongly suggest that you exfoliate your face on a daily basis. I understand it may seem excessive but this approach does help to reduce the size of your pores not to mention remove the oil that resides on the top of your skin.

Having large pores can be really embarrassing and when all else fails and you’re left without options, I want you to seek care from a dermatologist. If you don’t know what their exact roles and specialties are, click here. Your local specialist may be able to provide you with something that can help reduce pore size quickly. Whatever you do, just do not make any decisions to try something drastic without seeking advice. You can do more harm than good taking that approach.

Large Pores
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