La Mer Cream

If you’ve spent any time in the beauty section at Nordstrom, then you know what La Mer cream is and what they’re all about. The La Mer company is widely known and is extremely successful. It’s what I like to refer to as one of the skin care giants. The products are considered to be luxury skin care products and they serve a specific customer base.

la-mer-creamWhat Is La Mer Cream?

La Mer is a skin care brand that was created by Dr. Max Huber. Dr. Huber developed the brand in an attempt to perfect his own skin. The aerospace physicist developed the La Mer cream and I guess you could say the rest is history. La Mer became so successful that Estee Lauder had developed an interest in purchasing the brand. The acquisition took place sometime in 1995 and the brand is now comfortably backed by the Estee Lauder Companies. Estee Lauder research and development is a resource that most brand owners would kill to be associated with. Luckily, for La Mer, they are not part of the family.

If you’re looking to purchase La Mer products, you best be prepared to spend some money. They are what most would consider expensive skin care products. In fact, La Mer has one product that costs more than $1,000 to purchase.

The demand for La Mer products is truly unreal. It’s become one of the most well sought after skin products on earth and the brand doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. In fact, the La Mer cream might be the most popular anti aging creams on the market today.

What makes La Mer cream so great?

La Mer is great all because of the formula. The formula consists of precious minerals, antioxidants, and algae. Some of the products that are produced by La Mer are The Lifting Eye Serum, The Eye Balm Intense, Creme De La Mer, and the Regenerating Serum. They have a number of other products they produce, most of which are between $100-$300. The products are all pretty well made and have positive consumer feedback.

If you’re looking to purchase these expensive skin care products, you can do so through their website or you can visit any Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Barney’s Saks Fifth Avenue and a few other high-end department stores. If you’re serious about spending money on this product, I would advise that you only purchase this product from an authorized retailer or through the La Mer online store. The products are known to be counterfeited due to the high cost and the nature of the product. Do not try and purchase this on eBay or Amazon. Stick with one of the retailers I’ve mentioned above.

We don’t really have much experience with La Mer other than what we’ve researched on the products and the company as a whole. Based on that alone, the company seems to be reputable and they seem to service their customers well by providing high-quality products. This is without a doubt considered to be a luxurious skin product and the original cream is the most popular choice by many. The La Mer products seem to contain a unique combination of algae, medicago sativa, and sesamum indicum which help nourish, replenish and revive your skin. Should you have more questions about any La Mere products or if you’re looking for a more economical substitute please let us know!

La Mer Cream
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