Kylie Jenner Reveals How She Keeps Her Skin Perfect


Kylie Jenner is one of the most popular reality TV stars out there today and she’s blossomed into a beauty expert after using so many products over the years. She’s recently shared some of her skin care routine secrets with Maria Hatzistefanis, Nip + Fab’s brand and parent company founder.

Kylie Jenner became a brand ambassador of Nip + Fab not too long ago and she sat down with the owner to share some personal skin care tips. Although Kylie has had great luck with next to no skin problems, her 20-year-old supermodel sister, Kendall hasn’t had the same luck. Apparently, she’s struggled with acne problems for years. Kendall actually opened up about her acne issues last October on the official Kendall Jenner site. Her skin troubles started as early as eighth grade.

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Kylie Jenner Skin Care Tips & Secrets

Kylie shared her morning routine during the interview. Apparently, she still likes to wash her face in the am. Kylie does this because she prefers to take everything off in the morning to ensure a fresh start given that some mascara residue may exist still from the previous night. As far as product use is concerned, Kylie mentioned that she uses “Dragonfix from Nip + Fab” and she apparently likes using this product because it helps further moisturize her skin.

In the evening, Kylie’s typical routine is to remove all of the makeup that she’s been wearing. She does this first before using any products. Occasionally following the removal of her makeup, Kylie mentioned that she sometimes uses a face scrub, just “Not every day,” she said. Kylie also mentioned that she uses “Glycolic pads” because she likes the “Exfoliating effect” and she was referring to the Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Facial Pads from Nip + Fab.

Lastly, Kylie uses an eye cream she has a bunch of different eye creams she likes to use.

During the interview, Kylie mentioned that her sisters always taught her to, “Wear eye creams and sunscreen,” everyday so she’s made that a part of her everyday routine.

When asked what Kylie would incorporate during a day of pampering, she mentioned that if she was going to have a pampering day, that she would likely incorporate “Face masks form Sephora.”

When asked what the one skin care item that she can’t live without is, she mentioned that “Dragonfix” was the product she needed.

When it comes to fixing her skin, she was asked what she does if necessary and Kylie responded stating, “I never have bad skin. But my sister had really bad skin growing up.” Although, her sister Kendall didn’t have the same luck. According to Kylie, the only thing that really helped Kendall with her acne problems was to, “Find a good dermatologist.”

Lastly, in the interview, Kylie was asked to share her best skin care secrets that she’s learned to date. She mentioned that “Sunscreen, washing your face every night, not touching your face as much and moisturize,” as being most important.

If you want to watch the full interview, I suggest checking out the video I’ve posted below.

Kylie Jenner Reveals How She Keeps Her Skin Perfect
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