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The Kardashian’s are famous AF. Seriously, is there anything that this family can’t do? Kim Kardashian was the first to explode on the social scene after her crazy sex tape with Ray J leaked. A decade later, they’re still on the scene and doing big things. Nope, not making sex tapes, but cosmetics. Kim’s younger sister Kylie Jenner is uber famous for her cosmetics line called Kylie Cosmetics. The question is whether or not they are worth purchasing?

Sure, each and every woman living on this planet wants to look her best and do what she can to be sexy and appealing. They dress the part and style accordingly. Sometimes that means applying makeup to get their. Most women flock to celebs, seeking out there every move in an attempt to determine just how they’re able to create the looks that they do. That said, millions of American women are willing to go to the ends of the earth to get that Kylie Jenner look. They’ll most definitely try her cosmetics line too.

It’s perhaps the most popular brand on sold on the Internet today, but does it work? Find out the scoop on this line right here…

kylie cosmetics review

Kylie Cosmetics – Do Kylie Jenner’s Products Work?

Before I say anything about this brand, I want you to say something. You’re right to be concerned and question whether or not the brand is worth using. Some people are willing to buy anything without investigating it and that’s the absolute wrong approach to take. They flock to Kylie Jenner’s products and other suggestions without a care in the world. Don’t do that! Do your research first!

Kylie Cosmetics – Brand Details

Here’s what you need to know about the brand. The first thing I’ll say is that this is no more than a cosmetics brand bearing the first name of Kylie Jenner. According to my research, Kylie has spent time creating these products with her team in a lab in order to help others create the perfect “Kylie look” that they’re trying to achieve.

If you do a simple search on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #Kyliecosmetics you’ll notice that there are many consumers who have posted the results of using her products.

How The Brand Was Created

Time to be real…this brand was merely established after the launch of Kylie’s Lip Kit product. It was widely reviewed and positively at that. One day she had the idea to create this lip kit in order to help others easily achieve her look and having it go viral, the brand sprouted. Then came the entire Kylie Cosmetics line.

Would it have been as successful if the kit was sold and marketed by someone else? Most likely, it would not have been.

Where To Get Them

Okay, so you’re a diehard Kylie Jenner fan, we get it. Then you’re probably lining up at every Sephora and ULTA you can on product launch day. Well, you can stop doing that because these products are not available for purchase at local retail stores. The only place that you can purchase these products is on the official Kylie Cosmetics website.

This makes total sense given that she doesn’t want others creating fake products to sell under her brand name. If you’re buying on eBay and other sites, then stop now because chances are they are fake. It’s simple, just buy them on (the company site) if you want the products. If not, then don’t, but don’t start checking other sites out for them just to save a buck.

The Limit Quantity

Kylie and her team have actually limited the quantity of products that a single consumer can purchase on the site. That’s pretty bold and speaks to the volume that they do in terms of sales. Scary, I know but again likely done to prevent resales.

No Returns Accepted

You’ll notice that this site only offers final sales and that’s it. There are no refunds and no returns. Kylie Cosmetics is very unique in not offering any type of return or refund.

The Website

Here’s what you need to know about the Kylie Cosmetics website. The site contains a bunch of different varieties of products. When first landing on the site, you’ll be shown a $10 coupon code to entice you to enter your email address. Smart marketing, but pretty standard today to be honest.

kylie cosmetics couponYou’ll quickly notice that the products have been conveniently categorized based on the type. For example, they offer products for face, lips, eyes. As far as the lip products are concerned, they offer matte, velvet, and gloss lip kits.

Eyes, they have various palletes. As for face products, they offer blushes, highlighters, concealers, and more. The sites about as colorful and fast as you’d expect. I mean, it is Kylie Jenner right. Oh, if you’re interested in bundling products, they offer that as well and can help you further by offering free shipping both domestically and internationally if you order more than $60 worth of goods.

I hate to burst you bubble, but most of the products are sold out and no longer available. So just be sure to do your homework on the website and don’t get your hopes up until you dive into each product.

BBB Report

One thing that was concerning about the brand was the BBB report which can easily be found by clicking the link at the bottom of their website. There have been hundreds of negative complaints listed on this company. In fact, 58% of the BBB reviews are negative and 38% of them are positive. This is definitely concerning given the number of cosmetic options out there today. I mean, why deal with a company with such bad ratings?

kylie jenner cosmetics BBB


Are the Kylie Cosmetics products really worth it? Meh, I think it depends on the individual really as that’s a question I cannot answer for you. Kylie Jenner Cosmetics is a super popular and successful brand in terms of sales, but based on what I’ve seen, some of the products may not meet the requirements or desires of consumers. If you’re willing to wait for products and you’re a huge Kylie fan, they nothing I say is going to stop you from trying the products. I mean, after all, they are less than $50 why not give one or two a try I guess.

Kylie Cosmetics
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