Kukui Oil

Have you ever heard of kukui oil? If not, you need to familiarize with yourself with the oil. For starters, the oil comes from a tree, which has been named the state tree of Hawaii. The tree is said to have powerful healing capabilities. Find out everything there is to know about the kukui oil and why you should think about incorporating it into your daily routine.

kukui nut oil review
Picture of the kukui nut hanging from the tree.

What Exactly Is Kukui Nut Oil?

Kukui oil is an oil that comes from aleurites moluccana, also commonly called kukui tree. The oil can be found in the nut. It has many uses that I will be diving into shortly.

The Tree

Aleurites moluccana or the kukui tree is a deeply valued tree in the state of Hawaii. The Hawaiians living on the island do not just use the oil. They use every part of the tree. It became a true part of life. For example, the locals use the trunk of the tree to construct canoes. They use the bark and root to make dyes. They roast seeds and crushed them to use as a condiment. Specific parts of the tree have been used to help cure just about anything from the common upset stomach to arthritis.

The tree is a common source of energy and light. The burning of the kukui nuts brought light, thus the name candlenut tree being born.

Antimicrobial Healing And Various Treatments

The kukui oil drawn from the nut itself is commonly used to treat skin issues such as eczema, sunburns, dryness, even moderate psoriasis.

Here’s how it works and why….

There have been studies which prove the effectiveness on extracts from the tree. They have a positive effect on bacteria as well as fungi and the ability to enhance the healing process.

The oil is even said to have antimicrobial properties which allow it to fight off infection.

What you need to understand though is that there isn’t enough substantial evidence to confirm any of the treatments that I’ve recently claimed.

What Does It Help With

There are a few specific areas in which the oil is said to be able to help from a skin caring perspective. I’m going to try my best to cover each area. Please keep in mind that some of the studies may not have been performed on humans and as a result may not lead to the same results.

Heal Wounds – There was a study that was performed on rats at one point. The results of applying a extract ointment from the tree bark to the rats proved to help speed up the healing process. In addition to that, it’s possible that the ointment may help increase collagen levels.

Eczema Another study was conducted in an attempt to determine whether or not this oil was effective in treating eczema. The nut and oil contains ingredients that help reduce inflammation and moisturize the skin. As a result, it makes perfect sense that the oil from the nuts would be a good choice for someone looking to treat eczema of any kind and prevent breakouts from occurring.

Stretch Marks There was another study that I found online explaining the impact of the oil when treating stretch marks. Supposedly, the oil has the ability to lock in moisture and there’s a good chance that this plays a significant role in prevention and treatment.

Should I Use It?

It would be unprofessional and irresponsible of me to say that you should simply try this without looking further into it. Reason being, there are people in this world that are highly allergic to nuts and if you are one of them then I suggest you steer clear. At a very minimum, you should speak with a dermatologist before incorporating this oil into your daily regimen.

One thing that I’d also like to stress is that it’s quite common for many ingredients to exist that aid in healing or preventing things from happening. Sure, kukui might be great to heal psoriasis or eczema but what you need to understand is that there’s likely another ingredient out there that can accomplish the same task. Do your homework before buying into any new ingredient or oil.


From a skin care perspective, we still are very uneducated on what using kukui oil can really do for your skin. There simply hasn’t been enough research on the subject conducted as of yet.

However, that being said, the Hawaiian people have been using this oil for years and they literally think the world of it. With that said, if the state of Hawaii believes that it has significant healing capabilities then I see no reason why someone shouldn’t incorporate into their daily routine.

Kukui Oil
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