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There are plenty of people in this world that take fish oil on a daily basis. However, most of those people haven’t heard of krill oil, which is why they aren’t taking this supplement instead. Many individuals consider fish oils to be the best of all supplements, due to the fact that they help with many different things. People with skin issues, joint problems, unhealthy heart conditions, hormone imbalances and more take fish oil to help regulate all those conditions and ailments I’ve just listed off. That trend started many years ago and while some researchers and consumers have not veered away from that, others have been open to try new things such as this.

Just a few short years ago, this ingredient hit the market and it’s changed the game! In fact, this oil is said to be just as, if not, bigger than essential fatty acids aka EFAs and omega-3 oils.

If you pick up a bottle of krill oil, you will notice that that capsule which holds the oil is much smaller than the typical fish oil capsule. They are also more potent and pack a mean punch in terms of effectiveness.

Krill oil has become so popular that it’s even been discussed by popular medical researchers such as Dr. Oz and Dr. Josh Axe. Before I get into the specific benefits of supplementing with this trending oil, I want to explain what it is and where it comes from.
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What Is Krill Oil?

Let’s start with going over what krill is first. Krill is a small crustacean. Some people mistaken this for shrimp but it most definitely is not. The scientific term for krill is Euphausiacea. These crustaceans are food staples for whales, some fish, and even birds that hang out by the ocean.

You won’t find just one or two krill in the ocean. They tend to flock in very large packs. These small crustaceans survive by consuming the phytoplankton that exists in every ocean on this earth.

To help you understand just how much krill exists in this world, I’m going to share a population fact about one of the krill species with you. There’s a type of krill called Antartic Krill. All of this krill in the world equates to about 500 million tons. This is double the tonnage of humans worldwide on earth.

Why Is It So Popular?

Krill oil has recently become extremely popular because it contains a specific antioxidant known as astaxanthin. This antioxidant is the reason that krill have that bright red pigment. The same goes for other types of crustaceans such as crabs, lobsters, and shrimp aka prawns.

Another reason this organic oil has sprung in popularity is due to it having an abundance of eicosapentaenoic acid, also known as EPA at highly concentrated rates.

The oil also does not cause so much burping which is a common side effect of taking fish oil supplements.

One of the main reasons I think people have deferred to using fish oil versus krill oil is due to the costs involved. It’s all due to the rapid oxidation process that krill goes through. Krill decomposes faster than fish and as it does, the oxidation process takes place. Which means that krill must be held live in tanks of water or they must be frozen immediately until processing takes place. All of this can have a negative impact on the manufacturing costs, thus driving the price of krill oil higher than fish oil.

Fun Facts About Krill Oil

I’m going to share some facts that I was able to dig up after doing some personal research online.

Fact #1: Krill oil isn’t as harmful as fish oil.

Is it a shocker that either of these oils are harmful? Well, it shouldn’t be. Fish oil contains something known as mercury and it can be much higher levels in fish oil versus krill. The good news for krill lovers is that they don’t contain this toxin due to the proximity of where they are typically harvested. Krill is most commonly harvested from the Antartic Ocean and the mercury levels are so low that they basically do not exist.

Fact #2: Krill oil contains a super powerful antioxidant.

The antioxidant called astaxanthin is one of the most powerful on planet earth. This super antioxidant helps rid your body of free radicals. Those same free radicals are what make your skin look old, dull, wrinkled and more.

Fact #3: It doesn’t make you burp.

Krill oil doesn’t have that nasty fish oil taste and you don’t get those gross fish oil burps that some people get when taking basic fish oil. They are annoying, embarrassing, and smelly. Thankfully, you get to avoid all that at your leisure.

Krill Oil Benefits

For those that choose to use this magic oil, they will benefit tremendously from it. There are so many pros of supplementing with it.

For starters, krill oil is great for those looking to better sustain healthy cholesterol levels. It’s important that people keep their cholesterol levels balanced. By that, I’m referring to HDL and LDL levels. This is something that most people have to supplement with additional to they’re typical supplements. Luckily, those taking it have it covered.

Another benefit of taking krill oil is the cardiovascular improvements and easier weight management. See, krill oil can help you maintain optimum triglyceride levels.

Krill oil can also help boost mental alertness. All those people taking nootropics would be better off taking the recommended daily dose of krill oil instead. It can help clear your head and get you thinking sharp as ever. If you’re brain feels foggy, then you need to try supplementing with this oil.

One of the main reasons that I personally use krill oil is to improve overall joint health. As we age, our joints start to get stiff. If you want to avoid all that stiffness and soreness, then you need to take this oil. It contains omega-3’s that help lubricate your joints.

Last but certainly not least, both astaxanthin and omega-3s can help you fight off free radicals that form in your body. These free radicals build up and they cause your skin to age prematurely. Astaxanthin and omega-3s help to protect your cells from the damage that can often occur.

Where To Get It

I suggest doing research online and finding an online retailer that sells oil made from krill. If you rather not pay for shipping, you can search the local Whole Foods or even The Vitamin Shoppe.

Seek Help

When in doubt, seek professional help. Ask your local physician or dermatologist whether or not you should be taking this supplement. In addition to that, you can bring the bottle to  doctors office and ask that they examine the product before you decide to use it.

You can also check out this company – Niveau Labs – and see why their products are doing so well in this space.

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