KPop Star Jessica Jung Shares Her Beauty Secrets On Video


When KPop star Jessica Jung shares her special skin care routine, the world listens. For those of you that may not know who Jessica Jung, she’s an American-born singer and actress that’s very famous in South Korea. Jessica was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. However, her business today is primarily based out of South Korea.

jessica jung skin care routine
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KPop Star Jessica Jung Has A Long Beauty Routine

There’s something known as K-Beauty that she practices religiously. That’s what keeps her looking pretty as can be. K-beauty is a long and intense process of caring for your skin. Her personal K-Beauty routine involves a 16-step process that requires her to wake up early as can be.

This may come as a shocker but Jessica Jung doesn’t sleep late. She’s far too busy to sleep late anyway. Instead, she focuses on incorporating some awesome products and steps to keep her skin looking fantastic. K-beauty has been known to produce some incredible results and it’s part of the reason many Korean women have next to flawless looking complexions.

Here’s a quick rundown of what she does, how she does it and the products that she uses to keep her skin perfect. Jessica starts with some toner that she leaves on for just a few minutes. She uses the heat of her hands to help apply the products. She incorporates moisturizer into her routine. It is one of the essentials that we are always talking about here on

The next step is applying the eye cream. Now Jessica Jung has a unique technique that we’ve just learned about. She recommends that you, “Play the piano around your eyes.” I’m assuming this helps further activate muscles in the surrounding area and better absorb and activate the eye cream just applied. She then uses a hydrating mist, especially when flying and she’s not shy about spraying it everywhere.

Lip balm and sunscreen are then gently applied to her skin by lightly patting it on. The next step is applying foundation which helps her acquire that even skin tone look. Then it’s off to the peach colored blush for a natural tone! Eye shadow and eyeliner follow the blush. There are far more steps that Jessica Jung incorporates into her K-Beauty routine. Most of them are makeup related. If you’re interested in finding out every little detail of the steps, I suggest you watch the video listed below.

If you ever come across any videos of celebs showcasing their personal beauty routines, please share them with us. We absolutely love connecting with as many celebrities as possible that practice good skin care. Don’t be afraid to email me directly via the contact form on our website.

KPop Star Jessica Jung Shares Her Beauty Secrets On Video
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