Korres Review

I typically don’t cover many brands that are featured on the HSN aka Home Shopping Network. The brand I’m covering today has been featured on HSN and in many major department stores. This brand is called Korres and it’s one of many skin companies on the market today. I’m covering all you need to know with regards to this product line. Keep reading to get the full picture of this brand.

Korres skin care review

Korres Skin Care Details

Here’s everything that I know about this brand and what you need to know before considering making a purchase. I’ll cover the brand basics first. You hear me talk about Korean skin care, but today I’m covering products from a different region. This Greek-based skincare brand was founded on principles of homeopathy, and their products, even today, reflect the longstanding heritage. The brand officially exists since 1996, and throughout the last 22 years, Korres has brought some very nice products to the marketplace. So, naturally, I made our research and I bring you our review of the brand, the ingredients they use as well as their most famous products.

The Brand

The brand finds its inspiration from the island Naxos, the heart of the Cyclades Islands in the Aegean Sea. The first product ever made under the Korres brand was inspired by the alcoholic drink “rakomelo,” that’s a syrup made with honey and aniseed.

There is the ever-present homeopathic principle of mild yet effective approach with a focus on the natural that transcends into the Korres products. They use different natural ingredients that, when combined together, work wonders.

There is also a strong dedication to research and finding new natural ingredients that will bring even better results. The formulas made by Korres feature medicinal plants, natural active ingredients and contain no parabens, no mineral oils, no paraffin wax, no silicones, no propylene glycol, no ethanolamine and no PEG. This means that the Korres products are completely natural and have mild effects, protecting against inflammation of the skin.

The Ingredients

I’ll quickly cover some of the ingredients from a top-level perspective. The brand’s roots are based on taking the homeopathic approach. This means that the vast majority of ingredients used are naturally derived and have positive effects on the skin. Many of the ingredients are inactive by themselves, but when combined with one another, they become powerful products that deliver better than most.

Many of the products contain aloe, borage, calendula, evening primrose, witch hazel, quercetin, saffron, wild rose, pine, pomegranate, guava, fig, jasmine, yogurt, many plant-derived oils like apricot kernel oil, sunflower seed oil, olive oil, and many more.

The Products

The Korres brand carries an array of products for the face, hair, body, men, nails, makeup care, sun care products and last but not least, fragrances. All their products can be purchased online through their official site and through retail chains like Sephora and Amazon as well. I’ll be covering more about the website below, so keep reading to learn before buying.

But first:

I’ve taken a close look at the Wild Rose line. This is their absolute best-seller, by a landslide. Here’s one of the products within the line that I know is quite popular. It’s called the Wild Rose Advanced Brightening & Nourishing Face Oil. The product has gotten stellar reviews as well as won Allure’s Best Of Beauty Award.

The product contains wild rose petal-infused oil which is rich in Omega3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids and a high concentration of Vitamin C and A. The Vitamin C is a very strong antioxidant, fighting free radicals and repairing the wrinkles, lines, you name it. It’s the money ingredient of all things skincare. related. The oil is quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving behind a refreshed, youthful and dewy-looking complexion. Take a look at some of the data that backs this ingredient and you’ll quickly understand why it’s so great.

Vitamin C in its pure state – ascorbic acid, is very unstable and oxidizes too easily. When it does, it becomes a big problem, virtually making any product containing this ingredient useless. That’s primarily why many manufacturers select to use derivates of this ingredient. The Korres products and the Wild Rose Advanced Brightening & Nourishing Face Oil, in particular, contain ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, which is a new, effective Vitamin C derivative.

The other ingredients within the Wild Rose Advanced Brightening & Nourishing Face Oil are specifically incorporated to help with moisturizing, sagging, texture, lines, wrinkles and more.

This ingredient also contains useful ingredients such as squalane, sunflower seed oil, rosehip fruit oil, rose flower powder and rose flower oil. You’ll find that it also contains alcohol, as it helps with product absorption. However, you must take that into consideration if you have dry skin. Reason being, people with dry skin, should not use alcohol-based products because they may further dry the skin out.

The Website

I took a close look at the website and I must say that the company has put together a stellar one. They’ve covered all ground possible here with social media involved too. As for product pricing, it’s really all over the map here so just check out the individual products if you’re curious what you’ll need to spend. The Instagram account @korres.skincare has over 36,000 followers. Worried about returns? No worries, they will honor the returns for any unused products within 30 days of your purchase. If you need some more information, then I suggest reaching out to the company via phone at 1-855-9KORRES (956-7737). They categorize the products based on category, ingredient, type, even which are best sellers. It’s organized and does the job well if positive shopping experience is the main objective.


The Korres brand offers some nice, natural, homeopathy-inspired products that are on the market. It’s a respected brand that has won many awards. These products, in general, have very positive reviews and many satisfied and grateful customers.

The review above referenced the Wild Rose Advanced Brightening & Nourishing Face Oil which has some amazing reviews, with a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Many satisfied users have reported that they saw very fast results, having better-hydrated skin, improved texture, youthfulness, and a brighter look.

The price for this product is a bit on the higher side, currently going for $54 for a 30ml bottle, but it only takes a drop or two to cover the whole face and the effects are amazing. And it’s safe for all skin types. If you’re looking for a synthetic-free and fragrance-free product selection, then this is the answer for you.

Korres Review
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