Korean Skin Care

In the Western world, most people typically follow a four step skincare regimen to help keep their skin looking young and beautiful. Men and women alike will follow the four steps of cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing. While this regimen definitely works for many people and provides awesome benefits, it’s important to know that certain cultures in the East do things differently.

Korean Skin Care Routine

It’s very true that the Koreans in the Eastern world have a completely different skin care regimen than those from North America and other parts of the West. In fact, Koreans like to follow a 10 step skincare process that helps to keep their skin looking flawless and absolutely amazing.

There’s no denying that men and women in the East also use the same skin care practices as we do in the West. But they take it much further than we do, and follow a powerful skin care regimen that really helps it to shine and look gorgeous.

Today, to help you truly learn about the wonderful benefits of Korean skin care, we are going to share this 10 step process with you in its entirety. Pay close attention to the things that these great people do, and you’ll see when we share the same processes and you’ll also notice when they do things much different from the way that we do them in the West.

Let’s dive in without any further delay.

The 10 Step Korean Skin Care Regimen for Flawless Skin

Here it is:

  • Eye makeup removal – the first, and potentially the most vital part of the process, is to remove your eye makeup with a high quality eye makeup remover. Forget about using regular cleansers for this job. You need a top-notch product that will really get the job done. You do not want to have eye makeup caking around your eyes or have to worry about last week’s mascara clogging up your pores. When you use a solid eye makeup remover with a good reputation, your skin will look brighter, cleaner, clearer, and even more important, healthier.
  • The cleansing process – there is a golden rule that all women need to begin following, and this is particularly true if you are going to practice Korean skin care. The golden rule is very simple: spend as much time taking off your makeup as you do putting it on. Do not rush through the cleansing process when you are removing your makeup. This is vital because you need to clear out your pores and clean your skin once again. If your normal makeup routine typically takes half an hour a day, then you should spend at least a half an hour taking your makeup off. That’s what people of Korean descent like to do, and if you haven’t noticed, many of these women have gorgeous skin.
  • Exfoliating the skin – if you want to restore the natural softness and beauty to your skin, using an exfoliating scrub will work wonders. This is one of the secrets of Korean skincare, and it’s the reason why many Korean women have such flawless and smooth skin. Make sure you focus on areas where blackheads would typically appear as well as your T zone areas. As far as skin exfoliation is concerned, Koreans believe that less is more.
  • Skin refreshing – people in the Western world like to call this part of the process toning, and it is very similar to what they do in the East. Avoid using alcohol bases toners at all costs, and instead you should find a mild toner that is clarifying. This will help to soothe the skin as well as restore pH balance. It’s also great because it has the ability to help rid the skin of residue buildup.
  • Tapping on eye cream – we all know that the areas around our eyes are quite delicate. But in the Western world, we do not properly take care of this delicate part of our face. Koreans do things very differently when they apply their eye cream on the skin surrounding the areas of the eyes. They tap on the eye cream very gently, whereas Americans and others in the West tend to rub their eye cream in. Tapping is the better way to go because it helps the eye cream absorb better.  (Learn more about the top eye creams on this page.)
  • Using essence – if you want beautiful skin, then essence is going to be a vital part of your skin care regimen. This liquid extract is very nourishing for the skin, and it’s even great because it helps to add to the cellular renewal process. By spraying on essence, you can help to keep your skin firm and have a clean, clear and sculpted complexion. Korean women like to spray essence on their face and then tap it in to help it absorb faster.
  • Using a face moisturizer – this is a helpful tip that women in the West use as well as the women in the East. By using a light moisturizer, you will help to emulsify your skin. Massage this moisturizer into the face with your fingertips and it will help to promote circulation. Never forget to moisturize your neck as well with a firming cream, and even use a lightweight emulsion to help blend into the skin without leaving a greasy residue.
  • Night cream application – before going to sleep, the Koreans like to use a little night cream to have their skin look gorgeous and glowing. Ultimately, it acts as a second moisturizer that you can easily apply to your skin.
  • Applying a sheet mask – this doesn’t need to happen every day, but it’s beneficial to apply a sheet mask twice a week. The mask is filled with collagen which will penetrate your skin and create suppleness, softness and elasticity.
  • Applying an ampoule – ultimately, ampoules are similar to the serums that we use in the Western world. They are very similar to essences as well, but they are also concentrated and work great at fading sunspots and smoothing out fine lines on the skin.

Are you beginning to see why Korean women have such beautiful skin? Use this daily skin care regimen to improve the vitality of your skin in no time at all.

Korean Skin Care
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