Kleem Organics Review

It’s a new day and that means I’m on the hunt for another skin care brand that delivers. I’ve been doing a bunch of research on this brand called Kleem Organics. I was immediately intrigued when I did a search and saw that they had 2,000+ Amazon reviews for one of the products. That alone was enough reason for me to jump on this and check things out. It’s the Vitamin C Serum that they have which seems to be a popular product. However, I’ll let you be the judge of that. Keep reading to learn more about this brand.

kleem organics vitamin c serum

Details About Kleem Organics

Kleem Organics is a skin and cosmetics company that makes a ton of anti-aging products. The company motto is ingrained and built into the messages they present to consumers and the public. I’m talking about important messages such as that self-confidence comes from appearance, that educated people have a better understanding and the know-how to prevent as well as reverse the signs of aging. Last but not least, their message is that the world needs well-formulated skin care products to keep consumers looking and feeling happy.

You might actually be familiar with the parent company involved in product creation and the overall brand. This is a brand under the Jeunesse umbrella, offering cosmetics products in a fashion similar to Avon’s. Seeing that this is a somewhat unorthodox corporate policy, sometimes the claims regarding the Kleem Organics products may be negative. Before you start to judge, read this review then make a decision. I’ll dive right into things starting a rundown of products.

The Kleem Organics Products

Here’s everything that you need to know about all the most popular Kleem Organics skin care products. You’ll likely either love this list or hate it. Whatever, I’ve done my part to help you either way.

The Kleem Organic product line is limited to only a couple of products…the Advance Ultra Lift Vitamin C Serum, the Anti Aging Facial Retinol Moisturizer and the Anti Aging Eye Cream for Dark Circles.

I’ve covered a bunch of details on the main product with all the Amazon reviews. The rest you’ll need to dig a bit deeper to learn more…

Advance Ultra Lift Vitamin C Serum

The flagship product is the Advance Ultra Lift Vitamin C Serum. This product is made with the intent to deliver nothing but the excellent anti-oxidative properties of Vitamin C to the customers. Does it do it? There’s only one way to find out right! Try it out!

For those unfamiliar, Vitamin C is an ingredient that helps with reduction of most of the reddish and brown spots that develop on the skin. It also assists in the production of collagen. What I mean is that it essentially helps smooth the skin, thus eliminating your wrinkles.

The effects of Vitamin C are quite beneficial. This ingredient can get as deep as the cream/serum can penetrate the skin. However, consumers should not expect any spectacular results if you’re sporting deep wrinkles or severely sagging or damaged skin.

The Ingredients

What makes this work? It’s all in the formula and the ingredients. Here’s the scoop…

The main active ingredient in the Advance Ultra Lift Vitamin C Serum is Vitamin C. But there are numerous other ingredients that help, support and heal the skin as well. I will say this; Kleem Organics has done a good job to incorporate most of the essentials when it comes to anti aging. Here’s the list of ingredients other than good old vitamin C.

  • Vitamin E – Along with Vitamin C, this is a vitamin that’s quite beneficial for the skin. It works by repairing any possible skin damage that may be present and can be found in a ton of skin care products such as soaps, creams, serums and more. Some people use this as a cream by itself.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – This ingredient is responsible for helping heal the sagging skin. It’s a common ingredient in most face creams and anti-aging The hyaluronic acid contains small molecules that easily penetrate the skin and immediately get to work. It’s an acid that’s present in the skin tissue, thus making any product with hyaluronic acid a good skin care product. Adding more never hurt anyone, at least with this ingredient.
  • Aloe Vera – I love aloe so I’m going to praise it all day long. It’s one of the oldest plants that’s actually been cultivated to be used for skin care purposes. The aloe vera plant has anti-inflammatory properties and is quite influential when it comes to healing and calming things down. This plant is a fan favorite for treating most types of skin inflammations and other skin issues.
  • Jojoba Oil – The jojoba oil comes from a plant that produces a wax ester with very long straight chains. This makes the jojoba oil an ideal substitute for the whale oil, and due to its structure, it’s often incorporated into many products. It boosts the skin repair process and locks in moisture, preventing the skin from drying.
  • Witch Hazel – Another plant extract, this one from the witch hazel plant. It has astringent properties that help the skin heal and tone it. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! No, there is no chicken in this product, LOL.
  • Arginine – This is an essential amino acid and one of the building blocks of the skin (actually all the tissues within the body). Any product containing arginine, as well as other amino acids is very beneficial for the skin. If you’re looking to heal things up, then this needs to be your go-to ingredient.

Product Packaging

One more prominent characteristic of the Kleem Organics’ Advance Ultra Lift Vitamin C Serum is the packaging that it comes in.

This one comes in an airless container that keeps the exposure to oxygen to a bare minimum. The reason they store the product in this is that it prevents any oxidation or another type of degradation of the ingredients in the serum. Keeping the serum isolated from air helps the product stay active longer and ultimately makes it more effective and for a longer period of time. Lots of products are using this airless container today. Check out the Elite Serum Rx if you’re looking for other anti-aging products with airless packaging.


Kleem Organics might be worth your while given the strong backing by Amazon consumers. The Advance Ultra Lift Vitamin C Serum has gotten some nice favorable reviews and several not so positive ones. While many have reported that the use of this serum was beneficial to them, there were some people that have reported not seeing any major or notable results. I’ll be the first to say that buying a skin care product that yields no results, SUCKS. But don’t let those reviews deter you.

Let’s talk about pricing…

There have been some fluctuations in the pricing of the product, and some of the negative reviews may be due to the major price change – it dropped by about 50% while on sale on Amazon.com. This was an incentive for consumers to purchase Kleem Organics and so that the product can reach more people. However, it also pissed off some of the customers that previously paid the full price. If you have already had experience using any of the Kleem Organics products, then, please share it with us here.

Wanna learn more? Check out the company site here.

Kleem Organics Review
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