Kitchen Skin Care Hacks To Implement Today


My guess is that most people never take the time to look around their house for skin care solutions. Instead, they head on over to Sephora and ULTA to pick up ready-made products to fix their skin. Now, I’ve got no problems with taking that approach at all. In fact, it’s often the approach that I recommend taking. However, you should also be checking in your kitchen for products that might be able to solve your skin issues.

There are LOTS of options out there for those that are DIY fanatics, but for those that are not, we’ve still got some suggestions for you. Just keep reading to get an idea as to what action you must take if you want to hack your way towards good skin in your kitchen.

kitchen skin care hacks

Kitchen Skin Hacks That You Must Consider

All those speeches and talks during your teen years and days in school likely stuck with you. In fact, you likely know more than anyone just how important it is to keep your skin in good condition. Back in the day, there’s a good chance that your parents may have tried one of these hacks in order to pinch pennies and keep costs down. You likely forgot all about them, got a great job, made lots of money and kissed at-home and homemade solutions goodbye.

Well, it’s time to circle back to those DIY-ing days and learn why some ingredients are great for fixing your skin and whipping things back into shape.

Turmeric Powder

Lots of people will agree with me on this one when I say just how important turmeric powder is when it comes to keeping your skin in great condition. If you’re objective is clear skin, then this ingredient comes in first place, no doubt about that. Reason being, it’s got anti-inflammatory properties and keeping inflammation down is super important. Lots of people today are making face masks in the comfort of their own kitchens. These masks containing turmeric powder help reduce the redness and ultimately reduce the presence of pimples and zits.

However, one thing you need to be careful to avoid is using too much of this ingredient as it’s very powerful. Excess use can often cause stinging and irritation. If you’re looking to rid your skin of zits, acne scars, and dullness, then you want to incorporate this ingredient asap.


The next ingredient that I recommend incorporating into your daily skin care routine in honey. The antibacterial properties alone are great for your skin. It also helps increase hydration levels.

As a result, honey can help clear up acne, make you look younger, moisturize your skin, and more. If you use it on a regular basis, honey will transform your skin into a youthful looking masterpiece, one that you can be proud of and confidently flaunt.


Most people don’t think that chocolate is good for their skin, but dark chocolate actually is. Reason being, it’s loaded with antioxidants which can help drastically reduce the number of wrinkles and fine lines that you may have. Dark chocolate also helps make your skin glow more. However, what you need to remember is that you should only consumer chocolate that contains lots of cocoa (70% or more).

As far as using this, you can apply it to your face in mask form or you can simply eat a couple small pieces daily. Whether you do one or the other, you should notice that collagen production increases and improves dramatically. Basically, dark chocolate helps improve the overall condition of your skin.


I’m a huge fan of using lemon juice to help improve your skin, but you must be careful. It doesn’t always help if done incorrectly. This ingredient is very strong and even though it’s as powerful of an antioxidant as it gets, lemon juice can still be pretty harsh on your skin if not used correctly. However, when applied properly, it plays a prominent antibacterial role as well as an antioxidant role that will help fade your scars, clear your skin and protect it overall.

Do you have other kitchen ingredient hacks that you suggest implementing? I’m sure you do because I can think of quite a few more off the top of my head. I’m a huge fan of cucumber and using it to help reduce the presence of bags in the under eye region. I also like the cooling effect it has on your skin in general when placed in the freezer. Some people also swear by tomatoes and working them into their skin routine. I guess the bottom line is that there are lots of options even if you don’t have any of the ingredients mentioned above.

Simply take a look in your kitchen, do a search here on and see what you come up with for results. Worst case scenario, I’d suggest reaching out to us to see what we can do to provide further information based on the ingredients that you have in your kitchen.

Kitchen Skin Care Hacks To Implement Today
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