Kinderma Skin Care Company Seeks Capital Investors Via Craigslist Ad! Really?


I’m not one to bust people’s chops for anything at all, ever. However, I came across a Craigslist ad that I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut about. An ad was recently placed on Craigslist by the company that manufactures a product called Kinderma. It’s not necessarily the product or the brand that had me in an uproar. It was more so that ad itself and what they were requesting.

kinderma craigslist ad

The Kinderma CL listing specifically stated that their skin care company was seeking an investor to partner with. Can you believe it? They want to find someone with money so they apparently decided to post this ad on Craigslist. I mean, seriously! Most people surfing the Craigslist ads are looking for deals and bargains. They aren’t looking to invest in a company within the skin care niche.

I’ve said it time and time again that so many scams take place here on Craigslist that it’s almost impossible to think that one would find a strong match in terms of investors for their company.

The listing goes on to talk about how the brand was featured on the Doctors Show for a Psoriasis segment. They then get into stating facts about people having issues with cracked hands and why they need their product.

They also mention that all their products are sold on Amazon and that they do this because of the cash flow and profit incentives. I have to say that I can’t completely agree with the statements they’ve made. They then go on to say how they’re looking for someone with deep pockets and connections to get the products sold. All in return for a slice of the equity pie. They end the listing with the following sentence, “We are not seeking a Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Corvette, Porsche.” Which I guess means they plan on putting money towards the selling of the product. However, when someone says something like this, it makes me suspect for sure!

Here’s a screenshot of the last sentence in the ad listing….

kinderma investor request

The bottom line is this, don’t buy this company or even present an offer. They should attempt to network at a convention or something niche related versus posting on Craigslist in the same section that people are buying used dryers off of! Best of luck, really! Check out the listing here.

For those smart enough to not hand out any money to companies begging for it on Craigslist, kudos to you. For those that are looking to connect with skin care companies to invest in real businesses, please feel free to contact me!

Kinderma Skin Care Company Seeks Capital Investors Via Craigslist Ad! Really?
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