Kim Zolciak-Biermann Admits To Getting Treatment For Sagging Skin


Covering any news on the Real Housewives is nothing new, especially Kim Zolciak-Biermann. Today I’ve got some news to share on Kim that has to do with looking good and getting beauty treatments. This real housewife of Atlanta is back in the limelight today. She sat down with the folks over at Bravo and shared some interesting details about the sagging skin running along her jawline and what she decided to do about it!

Kim Zolciak-Biermann
Kim Zolciak-Biermann

Kim Zolciak-Biermann Admits To Getting Ultherapy

Kim might be one of the most popular housewives of Atlanta for a number of reasons. I won’t get into them here just because there’s not enough time to do so. However, I will shed some light on her Ultherapy treatment that she got back in February.

The 38-year-old reality TV star admitted to getting this non-invasive treatment. She went ahead with the treatment in an attempt to tighten the skin that was literally sagging all along her jawline.

Some people believe in yoga facials to help lift the sagging jowls and skin running along the jawline. In fact, I’ve shared a video below where Dr. Janine Bowring provides some exercises to help tighten the skin.

Anyway, back to Kim and her Ultherapy treatment. Here’s how this treatment works. It’s pretty simple. As one receives the treatment, ultrasound waves begin to break down collagen in the area. As a result, it jumpstarts new collagen growth and as a result, the sagging skin begins to tighten.

Heading to get @Ultherapy with my bestie @shunmelson we are pumped! #Slayyyy #KeepItTight

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While the procedure is pretty much non-invasive, it can be a bit painful. Nothing even close to a typical facelift, which is very risky with significant downtime.

What I really find odd about this is that Kim Zolciak-Biermann is now talking about this treatment that she received back in February. Given that she did shed some light on the treatment via Instagram before getting it done means she wasn’t trying to hide anything. That’s definitely a positive. However, she launched her own skin care line only one month later or some time shortly after the treatment. Seems a bit strange that she would go in for a treatment and then a month or two later, launch her brand.

I’m not saying that Kim did anything wrong here. I just find it ironic that she’d get the treatment one month before launching her very own skin care line. Wouldn’t it have been better for her to simply use the products that she creates and endorses versus getting the additional treatment? It certainly takes more than a month of planning to formulate, test, create and launch an entire skin care line. So the idea most likely was in play before getting the treatment.

Kim isn’t the first celebrity to endorse skin products or create her own line. There are tons of celebs backing skin care products today. Just make sure you use a product based on the ingredients and not the person launching the brand.

If you come across any celebrities that are either endorsing products or they have launched their own lines let us know! We’ll want to investigate the company, brand, and products to see what they’ve got going on. Thanks in advance for your help in keeping us up to date with celebs and their beauty product launches.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann Admits To Getting Treatment For Sagging Skin
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