Kim Kardashian Loves These Crazy Beauty Treatments


Those of your that watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians know that Kim Kardashian is not stranger to strange or crazy beauty treatments. The reality TV star is not afraid to try anything that might make her look prettier. She’s a huge fan of looking as good as possible and lives a really healthy lifestyle. Sure, it’s easier to do all this when you have the money that Kim Kardashian has but let that not deter you from reading. Find out what crazy beauty treatments she truly adores.

Kim Kardashian Crazy Beauty Treatments

Crazy (But Strange) Beauty Treatments That Keep Kim Kardashian Looking Great

Kim K is on the front line when it comes to popular beauty trends. In fact, it would not surprise me if she was one of the main reason some of these treatments become as trendy as they have. She’s not afraid to take the unconventional route and that’s one of the things that we really love about Kim. Well, not to mention that she’s absolutely stunning! Here are some of the stranger beauty treatments that she does on a regular basis.

Waist Trainer
I’ll start things off lightly with the basic waist training. You guessed it, Kim wears a waist trainer. She diets and exercises a ton. She also wears a stylish waist trainer. Waist training is comparable to wearing a corset. It helps women achieve the ultimate hourglass figure they desire.

Lasering Small Hairs
Kim K. lasers those baby hairs of hers. She also lasers her neck because apparently, it’s extremely hairy. You best believe that she’s likely lasering all those short hairs on her face that you can barely even see. That’s not where the lasering stops, though! Kim has also been known to laser treat her hands so that they look younger. Apparently, she likes to keep her hands young looking.

Tummy Tuck (Non-Invasive)
Kim Kardashian recently went through a non-surgical tummy tuck procedure. She did this to try and get back to her pre-baby body weight and shape. She visited a Dr. Simon Ourian in Beverly Hills in order to get the non-invasive procedure completed. The tummy tuck sounds strange but it’s really just a simple skin tightening procedure that’s done with lasers and heat. The results are almost instant as you can see how tight the skin is after the procedure.

Vampire Facial (Plasma Facials)
Kim Kardashian basically made vampire facials famous. She legit covers her face in blood and pays a very hefty price to do so. The typical vampire facial costs anywhere between $1,200 and $1,600 per facial. The procedure typically lasts 45 minutes long. I know it sounds super weird. Let me explain what this entails. First, blood must be extracted from the arm. The extraction process separates the plasma rich in platelets and it is mixed with Juvederm. The mixture is injected into the face. This type of procedure is supposed to intensify collagen production.

Oil On Body (Pre-Workout)
Last but not least, Kim Kardashian has a secret to help her fight off cellulite while exercising. She applies body oil all over her body before every workout. She claims that doing so helps her stay wrinkle free all the while keeping her skin firm as can be!

Well, those are some of the crazy beauty treatments that Kim Kardashian believes in and religiously does to keep herself looking fantastic. I can’t deny it! Her skin and body is flawless. It might be worth trying one or two of these things!

Kim Kardashian Loves These Crazy Beauty Treatments
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