Kiehl’s Launches Apothecary Preparations For Custom Skin Care Products


Customization is hot right now in the beauty world. So many cosmetics companies are now offering personalized skin care products and even services. Kiehl’s is the latest to the market with this. It is offering Apothecary Preparations. That is a full personalized customer skin care service in selected retail stores.

Apothecary Preparations starts with customer interaction consisting of an intensive discussion with a Kiehl’s customer service rep about the key skin concerns that the client is having. The rep will then diagnose the skin concerns and the client then is directed to selete two essential Targeted Complexes. These are used to create a personal skin care formula for the client. See Kiehl’s Fall Skin Care Regimen here

apothecary preparations
Photo of Kiehl’s Apolthecary Preparations sold in store

Kiehl’s Apothecary Preparations Takes Company Back To Roots

The product is blended on site and the customer leaves the store with the concoction. The Targeted Complexes are designed generally to target common skin care concerns like wrinkles, rough skin, large pores, dull skin and redness. The Targeted Complexes are mixed with a Skin Strengthening Concentrate in order to create that take home custom treatment.

The in store consultation is free and the final custom concentrate costs $95. This is not available online. Apothecary Preparations takes cult brand Kiehl’s back to its roots as a true apothecary that creates custom formulations for its clients. This process did exist at the New York City Kiehl’s store up until 1980.

Kiehl’s Launches Apothecary Preparations For Custom Skin Care Products
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