Kendall Jenner Used Laser To Rid Her Face Of Acne


It works for Kendall Jenner, can it work for you?  Many people are turning to alternative skin treatments, such as lasers, to help cure acne breakouts.

Let’s see if laser works for you

If you have the money and star power that Kendall Jenner has, you are willing to do anything to solve any skin care problem. In this case Jenner suffered from acne breakouts on her face. Although there are plenty of misconceptions when it comes to acne, solving the problem is quite simple when you have unlimited resources.

Skin friendly food choices help address acne 

Although it is no miracle cure, laser can effectively control acne. Using a diligent approach to management of the issue, Jenner was able to overcome her acne problem. This included an around the clock supervision by a qualified skin professional. Also, she was put on a new diet. One that emphasized skin friendly food choices.

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Jenner further received weekly treatments on her skin. These included exfoliation which extracted the follicles that were blocked and soothed the red blemish areas by zapping the bacteria that causes acne to flourish. This is all part of a process that celebrities like Kendall Jenner use to control skin care issues like acne.

But if your acne is severe – like what Jenner experienced – it may require a more medical approach to intervention. This is what we call grade 3 or grade 4 acne in the skin care industry. Dermatologists in this case don’t only write scripts for medication, but they also will recommend many different programs beyond that.

Can severe acne be treated with a DIY approach?

In Jenner’s case no do-it-yourself product regimen will solve the problem so she turned to laser as recommended by her dermatologist. In addition to this, Jenner utilized chemical peels and other forms of light therapies along with a prescription for a cream based topical acne medication.

The past few years has witnessed a resurgence in the use of lasers for acne treatment for those with the money to be able to afford it. In Jenner’s case, while the other treatments helped with her acne, it was the laser that was ultimately needed. Her form of acne bacteria that grew on her face which drove the creation of the blemishes, was unresponsive to all forms of antibiotics. She also didn’t want to use any of the oral solutions, because of the numerous well documented side effects.

There are a lot of details behind the science behind the laser treatments. Much of it is pretty technical and has to do with laser mechanisms and wavelength. It is a lot to explain here in a skin care blog post so I’m going to simplify the details.

Laser Genesis sounds like a fancy treatment

Jenner received a treatment called Laser Genesis. What it is essentially is just a consumer name for the creator of this product. The laser used is called Nd-YAG. It can be utilized in many different forms. That is, it can be used for removing unwanted hairs or lesions or even used to plump tissues. It works by bypassing the epidermal layer of the skin and hits the deep area of the actual dermis.

Before and After from Laser Genesis Treatment of Acne
Before and After from Laser Genesis Treatment of Acne

Many of compared this to “baking” rather than “frying”. When a wavelength is long with low intensity, it doesn’t hurt as much and there are multiple benefits to the skin. Such as, increased collagen production and boosting elastin. It also can smooth fine lines and deal with those acne scars by fixing the damaged capillaries. The result is less skin redness and lightening of the pigments in order to reduce those acne marks.

Does this help clear acne?

While it might not actually help clear the acne, it can certainly help diminish those post acne scars. It is expensive however. But with Jenner and her ability to monetize her beauty, there is no budgetary concerns. If you don’t want to spend as much money try a simple retinol cream. It will work very nicely.

Kendall Jenner Used Laser To Rid Her Face Of Acne
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