Kate Middleton’s Skin Routine Includes Nutella Face Masks


Kate Middleton looks absolutely flawless 99.99% of the time. She has someone that cares for her skin. She’s extremely lucky to have the help that she does with her health and beauty. She’s got close to the flawless skin and it’s perhaps thanks to her beautician and the use of a simple jar of Nutella.

Nutella skin care mask that Kate Middleton uses

Find Out Why Kate Middleton Uses Nutella On Her Skin

Kate Middleton’s beautician was on a UK show called “This Morning,” and while on the show, she explained some of the secret treatments that the royal family uses to keep their skin looking as perfect as possible.

Apparently, Kate frequently uses a face mask that incorporates Nutella. The beautician didn’t specifically state that the royal family used this ingredient but I’m more than confident that Kate does.

This unorthodox approach to skin care is a similar approach that celebs such as Victoria Beckham and others tend to take. Sure they also incorporate the use of professionally made products but in addition to that, they also incorporate these unique DIY treatments.

In the event that you are interested in trying this mask, then you should do the following:

Mix together a jar of Nutella, sugar, and some lip balm. Take that delicious sounding mixture and rub it all over your skin. There’s a good chance that someone you know loves Nutella, and once you tell them about this they’re going to love it even more! For more DIY treatments, check out this section of our site.

So to answer your question as to why Kate Middleton uses Nutella on her skin, I’d have to say because it helps her moisturize and improve her complexion. Not to mention, it’s an inexpensive skin ingredient that you can find at almost any grocery store.

In the event that you know of any other types of strange skin treatments, please let us know. We’d love to connect with you to discuss them. In the meantime, just join Kate Middleton and the rest of the royal family in using Nutella as a part of your skin care routine.

Kate Middleton’s Skin Routine Includes Nutella Face Masks
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