Kate Middleton Shares Her Royal Pro Skin Care Tips


People with Royal status don’t treat there skin with any less royalty than you think. Kate Middleton is one of the most popular people in Cambridge and she’s left her skin in the hands of Deborah Mitchell. If you’re not familiar with who Deborah Mitchell is, she’s a skin care professional with one of the most high-profile client lists you’ll ever imagine. Deborah Mitchell owns Heaven Skincare and I’m going to share some tips with you that you’ll want to know about.

kate middleton skin care tips

Kate Middleton’s Skin Care Secrets Revealed By Deborah Mitchell

Deborah mentioned that there’s one thing that she believes in and that’s hydrating. It’s literally the backbone of great looking skin. You cannot have good skin if you’re dehydrated.

According to Deborah, as we get older, “Our body retains less water molecules with age, hence skin feels dryer and goes slightly prune looking.”

Most people think that drinking more water is enough to solve the issue. That’s not the case. In addition to that, it doesn’t help that we all consume lots of coffee, have poor eating habits and when we do we eat large meals in the evening.

Interestingly enough, Deborah Mitchell doesn’t believe in thick creams in order to moisturize your skin. She feels that this is like putting a plastic covering on your skin which doesn’t solve the main problem.

How does she solve the issue? She believes in simple steps such as incorporating essential fatty acids into her diet and eating small meals every few hours. Both approaches assist in keeping your skin well hydrated.

Deborah mentioned that she recommends getting a salt rub over your entire body in order to detox. Doing so will increase your metabolism too.

Lastly, this tip may sound about strange but Deborah recommends thinking happy thoughts in order to avoid creasing your face. Thinking good thoughts can help keep you from putting your face into a position that will cause lines to form.

If you’re still interested in learning a few more of Deborah Martin’s skin care tips then I suggest that you take a few minutes to visit her website. I’m sure she’s a very busy lady but if you go out of your way to contact her with some specific questions, you may ¬†find that she’s willing to help individuals out. After all, that is why she created her own skin care line, to be able to improve people’s skin.

Kate Middleton Shares Her Royal Pro Skin Care Tips
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