Karamo Brown From Queer Eye On Netflix Shares Skin Care Tip Socially


I’ve been watching a ton of Netflix lately. Like, more than I even care to admit, but it’s Friday and I’m not one to lie so I’ll be honest about it, I binge watch at night. Anyway, I’ve been watching a show called Queer Eye on Netflix which essentially provides advice for all types of areas of concern for the typical straight man. Things like grooming, fashion, culture, design, wine, and many other things. It’s produced by Andy Cohen and since my wife loves his other shows, we figured why not, right. At any rate, once of coaches, Karamo Brown, recently shared some skin care tips with the world.

karamo brown queer eye skin care tips
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He shares this information on his social media account and some may say that they’re golden nuggets in terms of the information that he’s been sharing recently. Karamo Brown took it upon himself to share his personal secrets on how he’s been able to achieve perfect looking skin. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve slacked at times when it comes to skin care (I know, horrible to say given that I’m the #1 writer here on skincare.net). The good news is that it’s never too late to make improvements.

One of his Twitter followers asked what his secret was to keeping his skin looking great. you’ll be shocked when you find out what it is and yes – it’s FREE.

Karamo Brown Shares Free Skin Care Tip That Keeps His Skin In Check Daily

There’s one simple thing that Karamo Brown does on a daily basis. He’s consistent when it comes to applying ice cubes to his face. Sounds strange, I know, but it obviously is working for him and he keeps doing so given the results yielded.

Now, Karamo Brown applies ice cubes to his face for a few reasons and he shared them on Twitter for his followers.

It’s all because of the benefits that doing so results in. For example, if you take the time to apply ice cubes to your face, you’ll notice that any inflammation issues will begin to subside. You may even see a reduction in the number of pimples on your face.

Ice can also help with burns as the cold feeling of the ice is soothing for anyone dealing with a sunburn. Truth be told, you SHOULD be protecting your skin from the sun at all times. Which is exactly what I’ve been preaching for years to just about everyone I speak with.

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Are you having issues with circulation and sallowness? Karamo Brown mentioned that the ice helps remove the sallowness and it also helps boost his circulation. He hit the nail on the head with this one! I’m not exactly sure why it helps but applying ice can help with this for sure.

If you’re like millions of people that don’t sleep enough, treat their skin bad, and overall just don’t put in the work to take care of themselves, then you likely have puffy eyes. Karamo mentioned that applying ice to his face helps reduce and relieve the puffy eye issue that millions deal with daily. It’s a quick fix that you might want to consider.

A couple of other reasons why he uses ice on his face are that it helps with exfoliating and it successfully helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. He’s got a simple technique that works for him which is incorporating a few other ingredients into the ice treatments.

For example, he’ll make ice cubes with cucumber or milk and apply this for exfoliating purposes. He also incorporates green tea into his ice cubes for a puffy eye quick fix. If you’re planning on trying this, remember, it’s important to use something to hold the cubes of ice. You don’t want to use your bare hands as the oils are no good for your skin. Instead, grab a face cloth of some sort or a clean exfoliating glove to hold the ice in place while applying it.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Be sure to follow @Karamobrown on Twitter to keep in touch informed of all the tips that he shares. Enjoy your weekend and binge watch the show if you’ve got free time on your hands this weekend!

Karamo Brown From Queer Eye On Netflix Shares Skin Care Tip Socially
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