Kali Kushner Reveals A Few Things She Learned While Using Accutane


Do you know who Kali Kushner is? She’s a girl in her early twenties that ended up gaining lots of followers for a very specific reason. The 22-year-old has struggled with acne issues for quite some time. At some point in time, she decided to socially document her attempt at clearing up her skin.

Most people would never do such a thing. In fact, they’re afraid to share things like personal skin issues and other health concerns due to fear of being made fun of. Well, not Kali Kushner, she’s gone above and beyond to share everything she’s learned about her skin as well as the products which she’s encountered over the year throughout her journey.

Her cystic acne was so bad that she turned to Accutane in order to try and clear things up. If you follow anyone on social media that’s trying to clear up their skin, then I’m sure you’re somehow connected to Kali one way or another.

To share some of the background story with you, Kali Kushner battled cystic acne for half a year before jumping on the Accutane train. She started using isotretinoin which is the medical term for the brand Accutane. Once she started taking the Accutane, she began to see some improvements in the condition of her skin.

She then decided to document her journey online, specifically through the use of Instagram and she quickly gained 22,000 individuals that now follow her every post. Based on the posts that she’s made, her experience using the product was nothing short of very positive. She made some big sacrifices using this product. What I mean by that is she turned 21 while on Accutane and wasn’t able to drink due to taking the medication. There are some things that Kali learned while taking Accutane. Here’s what she had to share with Newbeauty.com recently.

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What Kali Kushner Learned While Taking Accutane

There are a few things that this college student learned while taking this super strong acne medication. Some of the things were expected while others weren’t. Here’s what she learned…

Accutane Made Her Ache

Taking this medication made her body ache much worse than she had anticipated. It got to the point where she actually felt like an old lady because her body was so achy. I’ve heard this from a few people and it’s something that you just have to deal with I guess if you want to clear up your skin. It doesn’t sound like fun, that’s for sure.

She Was Irritable (A lot)

Kali doesn’t seem like the type to be irritable but taking the medication made her very irritable at times. Perhaps it was all the headaches she got and the dehydration that caused her to easily snap. She claimed that Accutane actually messed with her emotions in a strange sense. She was snapping at her friend and family while on the medication. I guess that’s the price she had to pay to clear up her skin.

It’ll Dry You Right Up

Using this acne medication is bound to dry you up according to Kali. That lack of hydration will leave you feeling dry in just about every way possible. Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just sharing what she’s said.

There’s No Guarantee

Kali Kushner said something along these lines but not specifically, although Accutane worked for her, it’ might not work for everyone. Also one shouldn’t expect to never break out again. That’s just crazy talk as everyone gets an occasional pimple from time to time.

Be Ready To Answer Questions

When people find out that you’re taking such a strong acne medication, there’s a good chance that they will start asking questions about it. This holds especially true when they see that it’s actually working on your skin.

Now, we’ve got to give Kali Kushner all the credit in the world for doing this because she’s helped thousands of people along the way. Nice job Kali and thanks for doing such an incredible job documenting your journey!

For those that want to follow her on Instagram, check her out @myfacestory on IG. Be sure to tell her Skincare.net sent you too!

Kali Kushner Reveals A Few Things She Learned While Using Accutane
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