Juvalux Face Cream Free Trial

I’m typically not one to call out skin care products or companies without doing my due diligence, so I won’t! However, what I am going to do is dive right into everything about this Juvalux Face Cream and determine whether or not the free trial is something that you should be looking into trying.

Let me kick things off by admitting that, yes, I am a bit biased when it comes to free trial offers presented by skin care companies. I’ve been in this industry long enough to know that most of them are simple billing tactics to obtain credit card information and that’s it. I haven’t personally gotten burned by the company that makes Juvalux or any other company because I know what to look for. However, what I can say is that I’ve had family members take the bait and it cost them thousands of dollars in the past.

That’s right! All over a simple free trial offer for a skin cream too!

Don’t worry, I’m going to break things down for your from both a product and marketing perspective. I want you to have a full understanding of what to look for when checking out other skin care free trial offers and more importantly, further investigating Juvalux cream for yourself.

Juvalux Face Cream Free Trial

Juvalux Face Cream Review

Here’s my attempt to review both the Juvalux product as well as their marketing tactics to help you determine if this is a reputable brand and product to consider purchasing.

Brand Website

Okay, so the first issue I have with the Juvalux Skin Care cream is the official website. I had to literally do a search in Google in order to find the official website. It was rather disappointing, to say the least. The homepage of the site was nothing more than a landing page stating that Juvalux is an anti aging cream containing potassium and retinol palmitate.

There is a big submit form where someone can complete the form, agree to the terms and conditions and hopefully get their free trial!

Digging Into Juvalux Site Terms

I took a closer look at the terms and conditions of this site and noticed something that really made my blood boil. If you read their terms, you’ll notice that they specifically state that “Juvalux Skin Care isn’t intended to treat any type of medical condition.” Now, last time I checked your skin condition was somewhat medical related in certain cases. Sure, it’s possible that they put these terms in there just to legally cover themselves but I hate reading stuff like this in skin care product terms.

The next thing that threw me for a loop was the company refund policy. Juvalux specifically states that customers are only allowed to receive one single refund per product.

The cancellation policy is a bit tricky so please pay close attention to this if you decide to try this product out. Juvalux Skin Care provides you with a free trial which consists of a 30-day supply of the anti aging cream. Once that trial period surpasses, the company has the right to both ship your new product automatically every 30-days until you cancel and charge your card $89.95 every month. You have 14 days from the day you filled the form out to cancel the trial period. Canceling anytime outside of the 14-day period will result in a full charge for the monthly supply.

Basically, what they are telling you is that you have 14 days to try the product after paying $4.95 for shipping and handling. If you wish to cancel your trial membership without being charged more then you must do so within the 14 day trial period.

Arbitration Agreement

When purchasing this product, you are agreeing to arbitration versus suing them in court. You also agree to not collectively bring claims to them with other unsatisfied customers. In other words, if you have any issues with the Juvalux Skin Care company, you’ll need to work it out with them via arbitration alone and not collectively.

Third Party Websites

Now, let me shed some light on things after digging into the marketing tactics of this brand. I found a couple of sites, which I like to believe are third-party review sites. The sites specifically are juvaluxtrial.com and juvaluxtrial.org. I can say that through my investigation, I didn’t come across anyone selling this product on Craigslist or eBay.

juvalux review siteNow if you look at each of these sites, you’ll notice that they look similar to one another in terms of design. I would say they’re identical to one another in terms of layout and content. The problem that I have with these sites is that they seem a bit dishonest for a couple of reasons.

juvalux review site #2

For starters, each site states that they got an exclusive trial to offer. How could two sites have an exclusive offer for anything? Wouldn’t that make it non-exclusive?

You may also notice the image of a woman’s face on both review sites. The image has small writing that states, “Simulated Imagery” versus real photos. I’m not sure why they do this instead of using a real individual to show what Juvalux can do for their skin.

Comments Are Suspect

You’ll notice that both review sites has comments, roughly 20 on each. I did some digging into them and noticed a strange pattern. You’ll notice that some of the comment names consist of a name followed by a number. For example, Tressa332, Rhiannon991, etc. I find it rather interesting that users would use the same naming structure on two sites related to the same product.

I took things a step further and researched the names used in the comments. The┬ámajority of my search results didn’t show any information related to individuals in the comments left. Coincidence, I think not!

juvalux comments site 1juvalux comments site 2

The Anti Aging Face Cream

The product is supposed to penetrate your skin and work almost instantly. It’s supposed to help boost collagen production while working on repairing small damaged skin cells.

The Juvalux Face Cream contains vitamins, immune boosters, and other ingredients which are supposedly good for rejuvenating and repairing damaged skin due to aging. Based on my own personal research, I wasn’t able to find a complete list of ingredients contained within this product. To me, this is a red flag that I’d have concerns about. Until I find a complete list of all the ingredients, I can’t suggest that you or anyone else attempts to use this product.

Juvalux Face Cream Free Trial
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