Juvalips Lip Plumping Device Review

I’ve been reviewing a lot of products over the last couple of months. In fact, more than I can even keep track of. As technology gets more sophisticated, the number of devices which get released seems to increase. Not long ago, in order to incorporate technology into your skin care routine, you needed to visit a dermatologists office or an esthetician’s office. Fast forward to today and you’re able to use these devices in the comfort of your own home. One of those devices is Juvalips. You’re probably thinking, what the heck is Juvalips?

Trust me, you’re not alone.

This is a skin care device that’s designed to be used on your lips. It’s meant to help improve the shape and plumpness of your lips. The device does this all without the stinging, injections, and pain that are typically required when going through the process of using lip plumping glosses and lip gels. Some of those gels and glosses can be really uncomfortable, seriously. Which is exactly why people invest in the Juvalips device.

juvalips review

Before going into detail about the device itself, I’ll cover some of the things I learned about the brand.

All About The Juvalips Brand

The first thing I always do is head on over to the company website to check out brand, corporate site, and details that they provide. I was actually pretty impressed with the Juvalips website. They had everything covered here and then some. The homepage was chalk full of information along with a video.

The products have been featured on a bunch of websites including The Doctors, The Wendy Williams Show, The CW, CBS, and FOX.

I like how the company showcases the various reviews and gadget picks that have been made by people on these shows. The website does a good job of showcasing before and after photos of consumers who have used the Juvalips product.

As far as FAQs are concerned, you’ll find that a lot of the answers to the questions that people tend to have. There are a dozen questions that they’ve answered along with providing numerous ways to contact the company should you have more questions.

Now, time to get down to business…

So, if you haven’t figured out by now Juvalips is a product that helps increase the plumpness of your lips. It’s a trend that’s been taking off lately over the past couple years. So many people get cosmetic treatments done on them because they truly will do anything to achieve that plump lips look. Some of those treatments can be dangerous, which is exactly why many people are turning to the Juvalips device as an alternative to invasive treatments.

This device is actually safe enough to be used regularly. Some people like to use it on a daily basis even.

Taking A Closer Look At The Juvalips Plumper

This device was built to plump the lips and solve many of the lip plumping problems that people have had when trying other devices and treatment methods out. The most common is the stinging and the burning that often occurs when using gels and lip gloss. Some people actually have allergic reactions to these types of treatments as well. Some of the other home-based treatments cause bruising of the lips. Juvalips wanted to beat these treatments and come up with something that was safer and more effective, all without the negative issues as well.

This device is different from the rest. It works well in a specifically timed manner to deliver consistent results. Using the lip plumper is a piece of cake too. All you need to apply the Juvalips mouthpiece around your lips, then push the gray button centered on the device to start it.

The device will then run for a couple of minutes. Soon as the device as completed running, it will turn off. At which point, you can remove the device and the result should be pouty, plumper lips!

More Details Of The Juvalips Device

When building out this lip plumping device, the company when above and beyond doing their research to ensure that the device does exactly what they wanted it to do. They had a bunch of requirements which needed to be met. For example, they wanted this device to be 100% safe and yield consistent results. They also wanted it to be gentle yet completely effective.

The Juvalips executives and R&D team put a lot of time and effort into building a device that incorporates the use of patented technology. The other suction devices that exist on the market are not nearly as regulated as this one. The fact that his device operates with the click of a button makes it that much more appealing versus the other devices on the market today. It’s a timed treatment that’s extremely predictable and well-tested.

How long does the treatment last?

Based on my research, the Juvalips lip plumping treatment lasts roughly 8 hours. The results last a lot longer if you use the device on a daily basis. Just like any other skin care treatment, this one requires consistent use.

Now, if you’ve never used any type of lip treatment or plump device then you need to be careful with this device and any other. Reason being, it can cause sensitivity and other issues.

Online Reviews

I took the liberty to take a closer look at some of the reviews reported online showcasing opinions on Juvalips. My advice would be to go ahead and watch this video. Within the video review you’ll find a 25% off coupon for the Juvalips device.

I’m also going to suggest that you stay up on the company’s social media. They take pride in sharing information about the product on a regular basis.

The Cost

As for the cost, you’ll need to pony up roughly $139.00 if you pay in full. You can get this device on sale if you apply the necessary code provided above.


Is the Juvalips device worth buying? Well, based on my research I’d say it’s not a bad choice if you want to try a device that’s non-invasive and affordable. Assuming you have the money, then I’d say go for it. Either buy it via the company website or on Amazon.com.

Juvalips Lip Plumping Device Review
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