Johnson & Johnson Set To Acquire Skin Care Company


We’ve all used Johnson & Johnson products at one point in our lives. There’s literally no¬†way around it. If you’re a fan of their brand(s) then you may find yourself using a few more products under their corporate umbrella. That’s because they’re talking about acquiring a skin care company.

johnson and johnson acquire neostrata
Logos of Johnson & Johnson and NeoStrata

Johnson & Johnson Acquiring NeoStrata

If you visit your local pharmacy or grocery store, you’ll see plenty of Johnson & Johnson products on the shelves. Some brands that you probably don’t correlate with J&J but they own them. The company is now making an attempt to better position themselves in the skin care business and even more so in the anti aging products market.

A deal was recently announce that would likely have an impact on the market as a whole. The deal is between NeoStrata and J & J. The deal is not final as it’s still pending approval and closing. However, it’s expected to happen before July 2016. The financial terms and conditions have not been disclosed to the public as of yet.

Who is NeoStrata?

If you’re not familiar with NeoStrata, there’s a good chance you soon will be. NeoStrata is considered to be one of the leading companies in the dermocosmetics niche. This niche focuses on the marriage between cosmetics and pharmaceuricals.

NeoStrata is based out of New Jersey and has a portfolio of products. The company prides itself on putting forth strong efforts to research new technologies and it’s efforts to better understand Alpha hyroxyl acids. THe company was formed by Dr. Ruey Yu and Dr. Eugene Van Scott. They created NeoStrata in 1988 in an attempt to make significant contributions to the skin care industy.

What does this mean for Johnson & Johnson?

The acquisiution of NeoStrata means a lot for J & J. This will without a doubt, grow their anti aging business and overall skin care market share. J & J will begin to absorb NeoStrata employees on both the consumer side as well as the product development side. You can expect to this giant company to likely introduce new active ingredients and advanced formulas that may change the game for it’s competitors.

Make no mistake, there are plenty of smaller skin care brands that produce products which work just as good if not better than some of the products that giants create. It will be interesting to see what comes about of all this. I’ll cerntainly be watching it like a hawk.

Johnson & Johnson Set To Acquire Skin Care Company
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