John Mayer Shares His Skin Care Secrets On Social Media


You know who John Mayer is right? He’s that famous singer that went to Berkley College of music in Boston, MA. Right down the street from Northeastern University and many other great schools. He’s most famous for his “Your Body Is A Wonderland” single. However, today he’s famous for sharing his skin care secrets on Snapchat.

John Mayer Skin Care Hacks

John Mayer Skin Care Secrets Revealed Via Snapchat

I’m not saying that John is the world’s next vlogger or anything like that. However, when Mr. Mayer has something to say, we all listen. The musician took to Snapchat to share a few things with the world about is skin. Apparently, lots of people ask him what his secret is that keeps his skin so healthy looking.

In his most recent chats, he shared the exact routine that he uses at night. He started off by sharing that he uses good old ProActiv to wash his face. I should also mention that he’s a big fan of a specific brand called Natura Bisse. You better have a lot of green in your wallet if you want to do everything that John does for his skin. Some of the products this brand manufacturers cost a whopping $325.00! Anyway, here are a few of the tips that he shared…

His first skin hack was to use the “D.A.T.” application rule. What that apparently stands for is “Direct Application Technique” and it means that the product comes in contact with the skin on his face first, not his finger then skin. Reason being, he said the application method helps him avoid getting lotion stuck in his fingers. When you spend that much money on a product, I can’t say that I blame him. Kudos to John for having the idea to do so.

Another skin hack that John mentioned was that he chooses to use eye cream all over his face. He claims that it’s more like a facial moisturizer just a version that costs more money. That said, I guess he prefers to take the rather expensive approach.

Another hack that he mentioned was the “offset smile” hack. This is where he applies a product known as Natura Bisse Diamond Drops around is mouth in a smmiley face format. If you are looking for a cheaper solution, pick up something that contains vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Next, John Mayer uses a Q-tip and moisturizer to help rub the product into his skin. The process apparently takes two hours for him to complete. How crazy is that!

There are other skin care hacks that john had to share on his Snapchat feed. I suggest you follow him overthere.

For those less interested in using the app, here’s a video of some of the hacks he’s posted. You can also read up on it over at EOnline.

John Mayer Shares His Skin Care Secrets On Social Media
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