Jessica Alba’s Honest Company Sued For Skin Irritation


The popular actress, Jessica Alba is the owner of a popular company called the Honest Company. The Honest Company claims to produce products that do not contain any of the harmful chemicals that are typically found in other products. The company has recently been named in a lawsuit for alledgly making false claims stating that the detergent which the company sells does not contain a specific ingredient, sodium lauryl sulfate, also known as, SLS.

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Are Jessica Alba and The Honest Company Being Honest?

This specific ingredient is common and can be found in a number of household products that you use such as detergents and toothpastes. The problem here isn’t the fact that Jessica Alba’s Honest Company might use the ingredient. But more so that they claim not to use it when tests have proven otherwise.

Given that this is such a widely known brand, it should come as know surprise that the Wall Street Journal was going to do some of their own investigating with regards to this matter. According to, the Wall Street Journal hired a couple of independent labs and instructed them to run tests on the Honest Company’s laundry detergent. They tested specifically for the chemical SLS.

Unfortunately, for Jessica Alba and her Honest Company, the results came back unfavorable, revealing that the product contained a comparable amount of SLS in the detergent in comparison to the amount in Tide detergent.

Jessica Alba made the following statement in a blog post about her company. “We created our Honestly Free Guarantee so our customers can rest easy knowing our products are made without health-compromising chemicals or compounds.” Alba is upset and is retaliating making statements confirming that the Honest Company uses a more gentle chemical and that it in fact does not use the chemical which is commonly known to cause skin irritation.

This SLS issue stems from a lawsuit that was filed last month. The lawsuit acusses the Honest Company of mislabeling dozens of products.

The moral to the story here is simple. Regardless of who you are, if you are a company owner, you’re completely responsible for knowing exactly what those products contain. Your company literally depends on it. Now, if you’re a consumer and you have sensitive skin, I’d suggest that you carefully read and understand how each of the ingredients in the products you use affect your skin. It’s quite common for a consumer to have a reaction to a product. What’s most important is understanding which ingredient caused that reaction to occur.

Jessica Alba’s Honest Company Sued For Skin Irritation
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