Jennifer Aniston Would Tell Her Younger Self One Thing


I’m sure there’s something that we would all like to say to our younger selves right? Well, Jennifer Aniston let the cat out of the bag and shared some information with the world about her skin. She recently came clean with a magazine and told them the exact beauty advice that she would give her younger self if given the chance.

I know, it doesn’t sound earth-shaking exciting, but when a celebrity comes out and essentially admits her flaws (of any kind), then it’s kind of a big deal. Jennifer Aniston took a few moments to discuss this and we’ve got the scoop for you.

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Credit: Hello Magazine June 2016

Here’s What Jennifer Aniston Would Tell Her Younger Self About Beauty

The A-list actress is superb looking. She is extremely healthy looking and has great skin for a 47-year-old. That’s not something that we can say about many celebs. She revealed one skin care tip to Glamour that she would tell her younger self if given the chance.

I know, it’s not going to seem like a shock but Jennifer Aniston told Glamour that she wishes someone would’ve made her wear sunscreen more often. Our readers know the importance of protecting their skin and wearing sunscreen should almost come as second nature for people today. There should be no thinking behind it and I believe that’s the direction that we are moving in. I’m sure Jennifer Aniston isn’t alone with this thought.

The good news is that she told Glamour she consumes plenty of water and believes in staying hydrated. Her belief may have been a positive impact on her skin and perhaps even made up for the lack of sunscreen. I can’t say for sure, to be honest.

There is one other thing that she admitted to doing while filming Friends. Apparently, Jennifer became well acquainted with oxygen facials. She would get ten-minute facials to help improve her skin.

The lesson that we can learn today is to protect our skin from sun damage. Even celebrities with all the money in the world simply wish that they could’ve been more proactive about this. Money can’t fix everything.

Jennifer Aniston Would Tell Her Younger Self One Thing
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