Jennifer Aniston Diet: Everything You’re Dying To Know About!


Are we all close friends here? Pun intended! Of course, we are! Which is why I want to share something about the famous Friends actress, Jennifer Aniston. Over the past year, the A-list celebs diet has been causing quite the commotion online. She graciously took the time to meet with the folks over at Elle to share some insight into her daily eating habits.

While I’m not saying that you should adopt her every dietary move, I do feel as though it’s advantageous to have insight and knowledge on what some of these celeb chefs are cooking up and what the nutritionists have to say about it!

Jennifer Aniston's Secret Diet

Jennifer Aniston Diet And Daily Eating Habits

The first thing that I should mention here is that the brain behind this is a nutritionist named Lisa DeFazio. She’s basically the individual in charge of structuring Jennifer’s eating plan. Find out if what she’s eating is great for your skin. Chances are you’ll find out that of course, it is!


As for food in the morning, Jen kicks her day off with a nice warm water and lemon drink. This is one that I’ve personally stood by for years and it really makes me feel great. It helps those that have stomach or digestive issues, so if you fall under that umbrella then I suggest giving it a try early am.

From there, Jennifer Aniston typically moves onto either a shake which consists of almond milk, some protein powder and almond butter or she’ll go for eggs made with delicious coconut oil and a side of avocado.

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As you can see, she kicks things off by consuming healthy fats and lots of protein. If you’re one that gets super hungry, then you may want to add some oatmeal to the meal as well.

Jennifer occasionally will add some berries to the oatmeal and even a tiny bit of brown sugar just to keep her taste buds happy.

As you can see, she’s doing everything right and then some. You notice that she’s all about consuming the healthy fats and I must say that I’m all for exactly what she’s having for breakfast. Sure, some of the items will never end up on my ABC diet but most are contenders that you should entertain consuming first thing.


What’s interesting is that according to the interview, Jennifer has not made any changes to her lunch routine since the filming of Friends. While filming the show, she ate the same exact salad every single day. It was the typical veggies or a salad and some healthy protein. Apparently, this repetitive behavior is quite common for many celebs as they actually prefer to keep things simple and eat the same thing over and over. To be honest, that’s exactly what works best for me.

My personal suggestion would be to take the same approach that Jennifer takes when it comes to eating. She makes it effortless and removes the thought process from it. If you’re in the need for more carbs then go with a tasty teriyaki bowl with rice, vegetables, and some salmon or cod.


Some people don’t snack but Jen is apparently all about it. Her top choice when it comes to snacking is a healthy apple and some almond butter. It’s what many would consider a very healthy culinary win!

You can opt for some carrots or veggies instead if you’re more likely to enjoy that choice. Whatever you do, just don’t go grabbing that Twinkie package from the vending machine.


Jennifer doesn’t consume dessert. If you’ve got a sweet tooth then you might be in trouble here. On a special occasion, she’ll have some sorbet or popcorn but that’s about it.

As for the weekend, it seems like Jennifer isn’t afraid to indulge a bit more. She splurges at times but only for a meal or two, without making the entire day about eating horribly. When this happens, it’s in your best interest to take the following day and bounce back full force by eating healthy again.

Now, you’re probably still wondering if this diet is good for your skin. Am I right? Well, you bet it’s good for your skin! It’s likely part of the reason why she looks as good as she does too!

Give the diet a shot. You have nothing to lose besides a few pounds and some pimples, right?

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Jennifer Aniston Diet: Everything You’re Dying To Know About!
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