It Works Stretch Mark Cream

Stretch mark cream is a pretty popular type of product today. It is often used by people that struggle with stretch marks after giving birth or gaining a lot of weight. When you hear the name “It Works Stretch Mark Cream,” there’s a good chance that you can help but wonder if it truly does work. My guess is that people with stretch marks find the condition to be very frustrating and they’ll do just about anything to get rid of these scars.

The big problem is that these scars are really difficult to get rid of and they can become really large for some people. Women that develop these unsightly looking marks after their pregnancy can become self-conscious very quickly. It’s a reminder of how bad their body looks today and the changes that have taken place over a long period of time.

Many women turn to stretch creams in order to get rid of these marks. A significant number of them even use the It Works Stretch Mark Cream in hopes of getting rid of their stretch marks as quickly as possible. The problem is that many consumers have not been pleased with the results that product use has resulted in. Apparently, it’s not meeting many expectations of users and as a result, they’re leaving negative reviews online. Before making any decisions to purchase this topical solution let’s evaluate the product to see what ingredients and side effects are associated with using it.

it works stretch mark cream bottleIt Works Stretch Mark Cream Review and Ingredients Overview

Forget what everyone has told you about ingredients. I’m here to tell you that they most definitely matter, a lot. The strategy behind this stretch mark cream formula is to best reduce stretch marks by increasing the levels of hydration. Moisturizing the skin can make a world of a difference and as a result, it can boost elasticity and improve the overall condition of the skin. More elasticity means less tearing of the skin and less marking. Here’s a rundown of the ingredients used to make this formula shine.

Urea – The first ingredient I want to cover is called urea. It’s not a very popular ingredient but we’ve covered it before here in the past. This ingredient is important when it comes to maintaining healthy moisture levels. The older we get, the less urea present in our skin. Applying this ingredient to your skin in any given topical treatment can help make it more elastic and soft as well.

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Red Mangrove Extract – This is a unique ingredient that has anti-inflammatory properties. The extract is said to anti-oxidants that help improve your skin through repairing what’s been damaged.

Glycerin – The chemical known as glycerin is great for moisturizing and is used in many skin care products found throughout the industry. It can help keep your skin well hydrated and is a staple ingredient of any stretch mark cream.

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Horsetail Extract – This is an herb extract that’s used to help reduce the presence of inflammation and further promote the healing of the skin.

Licorice Root – Another healing ingredient, licorice root has properties that help promote the healing of your skin and it’s been used for literally centuries by many people of all walks of life.

The Product Reviews

It’s extremely important to pay close attention to the reviews presented online of both the It Works Stretch Mark Cream and any other skin care product as well. With regards to this product, you’ll notice that this one, in particular, has been rated widely across the spectrum. Feedback posted by consumers online shows just how wide it can be. Some consumers have taken a strong liking to this product. However, most have had nothing good to say about this product and many are really negative.

As far as complaints are concerned, many consumers have stated that the product simply doesn’t do what it claims and that it just flat out does not work.

The truth is that some consumers are going as far as stating that this stretch mark cream is a waste of money and even a scam.

Wondering why these people have written these reviews? Well, it could be for a number of reasons, tow of which come to mind immediately. The first reason is likely related to a variable between customer expectations and company promises. The next is likely associated with the price of the product and lack of results.

Many consumers seem to purchase this product thinking that it’s going to completely get rid of their stretch marks for good. However, what they need to understand is that a topical treatment very rarely reduces really bad stretch marks. It’s simply not powerful enough to do so. In the event that what’s known as dermal scarring occurs, you’ll likely not see positive results just but using a topical scar and stretch mark cream.

There is a possibility that your skin will brighten a bit but your stretch marks will not disappear completely from a few topical treatment applications. Instead, you’ll need to look into obtaining more professional help and treatments such as exfoliating tactics and others. Even if you’re looking for results in a matter of months, I would not look any further into this specific product as it’s going to take some time.

Now, as for the price, it’s not cheap and given that so many low-priced items out there exist many people are extra disappointed when they find out that this doesn’t work that well. When an expensive product doesn’t meet the expectations of others, then it’s likely to make them angrier. Had they spent less, the reviews would be more positive and definitely less harsh overall.

Side Effects Of Using It

Some users complained of skin irritation but no serious side effects have been reported on this product. It’s possible that one of the oils or inactive ingredients caused issues to occur.

Buying The It Works Stretch Mark Cream

The best place to attempt to buy the It Works Stretch Mark Cream is on the company website. If you’re planning on trying this out, then I suggest that you carefully check out the manufacturer’s site and avoid all other third party retailers. Reason being, most manufacturer’s will not honor warranties if you do not purchase products directly from them. If you decide to use a site like Amazon or eBay, you’ll be putting yourself at risk of getting scammed.

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As for the cost of the product, be prepared to spend about $65 for a six-ounce container of the product. Should you decide to join the “rewards program” you’ll be able to purchase it for far less at $39. Whether you choose to do so or not is completely up to you.

It Works Stretch Mark Cream
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