If you’re an avid user of makeup and other cosmetics then it’s truly your responsibility to understand what you’re putting on and ultimately into your body. If you don’t know what the ingredients are in the products that you’re using then you don’t really have any idea what you’re using  do you? I’m here to share some information on an ingredient called Isododecane. I’ll do my best to break down the facts about this widely utilized ingredient.

Isododecane containing products

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Overview and Side Effects of Isododecane

Isododecane is a very common ingredient and can be found in many skin and beauty products. It’s considered to be an emollient and is often added to beauty products to help make your skin feel smooth and comfortable. The ingredient is also known for helping increase the spreadability of various products. Isododecane is typically found in products such as lip gloss, eye liner, mascara and a number of other beauty products. The reason this product is typically used is because it’s considered to be somewhat safe from an absorption perspective. What that means is, isododecane can’t be easily absorbed by the skin and as a result, it doesn’t cause much irritation.

Now, if you have even the slightest worry that this ingredient might be something that you should avoid, then I’d suggest you refrain from applying any products that contain isododecane. It’s important to consult with a licensed dermatologist if you start to have any strange reactions from using products that contain this ingredient. In the event that you find yourself needing to discontinue the use of products that contain this ingredient.

Ingredient Uses

Isododecane is one of the ingredients that you have to be thankful for if you use a few beauty products. The emollient is widely used in products in order to better allow one to apply products as recommended. Products such as SPF based cosmetics, lip gloss, eye shadow, eye liner and others that need to be smooth and easy to apply all contain isododecane. The ingredient can also be found in some of the more popular eye serums and other anti aging serums. In fact, if you are using a product that requires you to spread the product on your skin, there’s a good chance this ingredient is involved. Most high-end skin products that need to be applied on the surface of your skin likely contain this ingredient. They add isododecane because they know how important it is that products be easily applied and that they spread evenly on your skin surface.

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Isododecane isn’t just added to products for it’s emollient abilities, it’s also added because of its ability to not clog pores. Think about it, if adding an ingredient to make a product easier to spread caused clogging, that would be counterproductive. The good news is that since it does not clog pores, it’s a perfect ingredient to incorporate into a skin care product. Isododecane is pretty much light as a feather too. This makes it a great candidate for being added to products that are trying to retain a “weightless” characteristic. Lastly, the ingredient also does a great job at retaining water. It helps prevent water from evaporating from your skin.

Products That Contain Isodecane

As previously mentioned, isododecane is safe. However, don’t take my word for it. If you’re choosing to incorporate products into your routine that contain these ingredients, it’s important that you consult your physician or dermatologist. What I typically suggest is that you read the labels of every product that you use and bring them to your dermatologist if you find yourself becoming irritated from using the products. While the ingredient is thought to be safe by many professionals, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a reaction to the product on an individual case basis. That goes especially for those that have sensitive skin.

Isododecane Side Effects

The good news is that there are no side effects that have been documented. That said, there isn’t a whole lot of data on this ingredient either. There’s a chance that it’s causing side effects and reactions in some without being recorded. I honestly don’t have the answer to that. What I can do is recommend that if you’re using a product that contains this ingredient and you experience any type of redness, itchiness, hives, swelling or any other type of reaction that you discontinue use and check with your doctor immediately.

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There are plenty of skin care ingredients out there that most people aren’t familiar with. They don’t have any idea what the ingredients actually do to make the product work. I strongly urge you to educate yourself if you are using any skin care products. Research the ingredients and fully understand what you are putting on your body. It’s important to understand that what you apply to your skin, you are essentially consuming and not knowing what you are consuming can be a very scary thing. Lucky for you, this ingredient doesn’t seem to be all that harmful and in fact, it might be quite beneficial.

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