Is Technology Truly Where Skin Care Is Headed?


I always keep up with the Joneses when it comes to technology. That’s likely because I spend all day long utilizing various types of technology just to get through my day. While those technologies are extremely inviting, are we truly ready to take things to the next level when it comes to our skin care routines and techniques?

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Skin Care And Technology: Current Status & Future

Some people think that’s the direction we’re headed. They’re putting ingredients behind them and focusing on technology instead. Are skin gadgets the new wave and the future of the industry or will it be the trusty ingredients that we’ve all stood by for years?

Here’s what I think…

In my humble opinion, it’s both. Knowing what I do know about this industry, I’d say the integration between technology and ingredients are here to stay. However, one doesn’t necessarily carry more weight than the other. Sure, there are always going to be ingredients that many consider being staples and irreplaceable, but that doesn’t mean that we should refrain from advancing technology.

Instead, people are beginning to incorporate more technology advanced treatments in order to achieve great looking skin that they’re comfortable flaunting. Treatments like mini Fraxel treatments are where skin care and technology meet. This type of treatment and many others allow consumers to improve their skin in a less invasive manner than traditional cosmetic surgery. Additionally, it seems to be more cost-effective and complementary to the current product treatments that people are incorporating today.

Back in the day, you had to head to the dermatologist office in order to diagnose just about anything related to your skin condition. Now there are simpler methods thanks to technology. Heck, you can even wear a device on your skin that tells you what condition or state it’s currently in. These types of at-home, less invasive technologies are the ones that the masses seem to be flocking towards.

As technology further disrupts the industry, consumers only find further validation of the necessity of caring for their skin.

What are the more popular types of products being used today? Well, technology has allowed us to incorporate blue LED, amber LED, lasers, monitoring tools, and even massage tools to help condition the skin. All of these things are what many would consider a blessing, but we must remember, without a sound skin care routine all of the treatments, procedures, and technology isn’t going to do anything long term.

I look at skin care in the same way that I look at health and fitness. You can take all the supplements you want and use all the crazy fitness tools. If you’re not focusing on the basics and keeping consistent with diet, workout routines, and proper mindset, then nothing else matters.

The bottom line is simple, I don’t foresee technology replacing dermatologist visits or the need for basic ingredients. It’s simply a step in the right direction but you can’t expect the world from it. Afterall, the answer is sometimes much simpler than you think.

If you have a personal opinion on this, whether you’re a consumer, physician, or engineer, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Feel free to send me a Tweet to start the conversation.

Is Technology Truly Where Skin Care Is Headed?
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